Southern 32 - 2019

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SOUTHERN 32 - 2019 .

17 Feb  S32 North London

17 Mar  S32 Millstream

14 Apr   S32 Bournemouth

19 May    S32 Roedale

16  Jun    S32 Coulsdon

14  Jul   S32 Luton

11 Aug   S32 Won O Won

8  Sep   S32 Timaru

2/3 Nov   S32  on the Nats track* (to be confirmed)

15 Dec  S32 Netley

* This was originally planned as a joint meeting with the BSL running on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday as in 2018. ,However the BSL have announced they will not be holding a meeting on the Nats track this year, so the November meeting will be Southern 32 only.    The Southern 32 events can comfortably be accommodated in one day, so there is no need to run on the Saturday.  Details to be confirmed once the Southern 32 competitors have been consulted.


The only change for 2019 is a larger percentage of the takings going to the host club.