Southern 32 - 2022

The series for you!

North London SME Sunday 23 Jan 2022

Doors open at 8:00, club at Legion Way off Summers Lane, London (nearest postcode N12 0QF)

Covid precautions

In keeping with  BSCRA  policy it is a requirement that you must have been double   vaccinated to attend. Also if you have not had a booster jab  could you please have one before attending in all our interests.      

Unless exempt all attending will be required to wear a face mask in the clubroom xcept at their own pit space & if needed for visibility on  the driver’s rostrum.

Perhaps of greatest importance, please take a lateral flow test as near as possible before leaving home ahead of attending the meeting.

For 2022 the entry fees are £15 for both the individual and team events, or £10 for one.    Entry fees hadn’t changed for  many years, all the extra will go to the host clubs who no doubt could do with it!   

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