Southern 32 - 2022

The series for you!

Southern 32 2022

Southern 32 round one will be on 23 January 2022 at North London SME - thanks to John Ovens and Bob Hallums

I'm sure we've all had more than enough covid news, obviously we'll have to keep an eye on that and hope it doesn't force a change of plan.

Following consolations with clubs, there were no offers for the 27 Feb and the  calendar for the rest of the season is -

3 Apr Netley

15 May Roedale

19 June Coulsdon

21 Aug Luton

18 Sept  Bournemouth

9 Oct Timaru

20 Nov ProAm / S32 double header on the Nationals track at Corby

(We did have dates in February and July, but as no clubs offered to host rounds on these dates there are 8 rounds scheduled this year)

Super Production

The new Super Production chassis will be eligible for the Southern 32 individual class once BSCRA has approved it.    Apparently it  isn't ready to start the BSCRA approval process yet, so it won't be BSCRA approved in time for the January round.      
All the existing BSCRA approved super production chassis continue to be eligible, there are no plans to withdraw approval of anything that’s already approved.  When it’s approved the new chassis will run alongside the existing approved super production chassis.

Entry Fees

For 2022 the entry fees are £15 for both the individual and team events, or £10 for one.    Entry fees hadn’t changed for  many years, all the extra will go to the host clubs who no doubt could do with it!   

Covid precautions

The Southern 32 will follow the BSCRA  policy, plus any requirements from the host club.    It’s anticipated that government guidelines will change during the year, therefore the BSCRA policy will change during the year.   For the 23rd January round:-

In keeping with  BSCRA  policy it is a requirement that you must have been double   vaccinated to attend. Also if you have not had a booster jab  could you please have one before attending in all our interests.      

Unless exempt all attending will be required to wear a face mask in the clubroom xcept at their own pit space & if needed for visibility on  the driver’s rostrum.

Perhaps of greatest importance, please take a lateral flow test as near as possible before leaving home ahead of attending the meeting.

Chris Frost

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