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7 Dec - ISRA 1/24 Open Meeting at Corby  Wins for James Cleave (ES) , James Cleave and Gavin Wills (Team), Ant Hawkes is 2021 British ISRA Champion

6 Dec - Paul Harwood stands down as BSCRA PRO

5 Dec - BOC Rules updated fro 2022. Initial information on the 2022 1/32 BOC and the 2022 1/24 BOC.

2 Dec - Fylde BSL - wins for James Cleave  and  Team Cleave Tech -  James Cleave and Richard Turner
BSL 2021 Championships for James Cleave, Tony James (clubman), Team Tallstar - George Kimber and Tony James

29 Nov -  How brushless motors in slot cars work and
Brushless motored slot cars by  Richard Mack and Bob Budge in both 1/24 and 1/32

26 Nov - Will Stemman is the new BSCRA Safeguarding Officer

23 Nov - National Centre Southern 32 - wins for Will Stemman  (Super Prod), Barry Gilzean (Hawk Masters and Clubman), Will Stemman  and Graham Woodward (Le Mans 32),   Mark Witham and Chris Frost (Hawk Team)  
2021 Southern 32 Championships  for Paul Harwood  (Super Prod), Marc Lyons (Hawk Masters ) Barry Gilzean (Hawk Clubman), Paul Harwood  and Marc Lyons (Le Mans 32),   Chris Frost and partners (Hawk Team)  
2020 Southern 32 Championships  for Will Stemman  (Super Prod), Brian Saunders (Hawk Masters ) Marc Lyons (Hawk Clubman), Brian Saunders  and Steve Kearey (Le Mans 32),   Chris Frost and Simon Francis (Hawk Team)

17 Nov - 2022 BSCRA Handbook

16 Nov - BSCRA Annual Council Meeting

16 Nov - Area 7 Nats qualifying

10 Nov - Southern 32 competitor info for the Corby meeting - including Covid precautions

9 Nov - BSCRA Driver Rankings updated

8 Nov - ISRA 1/24 Open Meeting - competitor info on the event at Corby on 4/5 December

2 Nov - BSL Scottish tour - Individual class - James Cleave won both rounds.  Team Alan Lucas & Neil Grogan won at Dunfermeline as Team Grogan : Richard & Murray Wallace won at Highland as RM Racing. Full results now online

1 Nov - Timaru Southern 32 - wins for Dave Stevenson  (Super Prod), Graham Sampson (Hawk Masters and Clubman), Nickers  - Nick Lake and Keith Fishenden (Le Mans 32),  Gary King and Tony Mills (Hawk Team)    

25 Oct - British ISRA Championshp Paul Shepherd wins both classes at Fylde

21 Oct - Competitor info fro next summer’s BOAC 500 Charity event

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