1/32   Nationals   2024


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Clubman Nats Timetable

2024 1/32 Nationals

✅Mid America sponsorship worth £10 for all clubman drivers

✅Mid America raffle prizes and overall prizes

✅Selection of other prizes

✅Win a RTR INTRO32 in the raffle

✅Bottles of bubbly for TQ in each of the individual classes

✅Win free entry to the 2024 1/32 BSCRA Nationals (Winner of Clubman F2 gets a free entry to 1/32 Formula One, Winner of INTRO32 gets a free entry to 1/32 Eurosports, Winner of Clubman Saloon gets a free entry to 1/32 Saloon)

✅The winner of each individual event also gets the chance to borrow a RTR car, prepared by a National Champion, at the 2024 1/32 BSCRA Nationals for the corresponding class

✅Ample practice on the track during Saturday if you make use of the team race - Don’t be afraid to enter on Saturday if you are struggling to put a team together. Non-championship scratch teams can always be made up on the day of non-club teams so that everyone can have a race

✅Catering available both days

✅Evening social meal on Saturday (approx 19:30) at a local venue

James Cleave

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