BSCRA Council Meeting – 12 March 2024  (Zoom meeting)

Those present - Mark Witham  (Chairman ),  Graham Woodward (Competitions Secretary), Steve Sargent (BOC and Calendar Coordinator),  : David Sargent (Treasurer), Kev Gray (Membership Secretary), James Cleave (Development Officer) , Will Stemman (Safeguarding) Chris Frost (Secretary & web site)

This special Council Meeting was called to discuss the rent on the National Centre and how brushless / strap motor classes will be run at the 1/32 Nationals.

National Centre

The costs of running the industrial building at Corby have substantially increased.   The other tenants have already agreed to increased rent.  It was unanimously agreed that BSCRA must respond to the landlord's request promptly.  
The Treasurer advised that we could afford to pay an increase this year.   It was agreed the association' must aim to balance the  increased costs in future years so we will need to increase income and where possible make savings to cover the cost of the increased rent,. The council is working on all that. It was accepted that there was limited scope to increase income in 2024, and we won't see the full benefit of  the changes till 2025 when extra events at the National Centre are being planned.  

Brushless / Strap Cars in National Finals

The association must aim to increase the numbers racing at National events and take steps to prevent reductions in the numbers racing.    The current rate of development of brushless cars leads to concern that  if they dominate the overall results, some of those with strap powered cars will stop racing at National events.     
The speed of the latest brushless powered cars at a recent international race meeting indicates we must plan on the assumption that brushless technology will eventually  dominate National open class finals.   Only a few of the fastest British drivers already have the fastest brushless technology, it's entirely possible one of them will win. However, it's unknown how may strap cars might be in the finals, apparently the best kit is currently in short supply.   While some thought the finals might be mainly brushless cars this year, the majority of the council thought that was much more likely in 2025.

After considerable discussion it was agreed there should be separate finals for brushless and brushed (strap) cars in sports and F1 and the discussion moved on to the timing.   After further discussion the majority voted to introduce the separate finals in 2025.    The 2024 sports and F1 finals will be open to either technology as in previous years.   In 2024 separate trophies will be awarded  for the top runner of the technology that was not the outright winner in sports and F1.

The detailed plans for separate finals in 2025 is work in progress.  If any membership voting is needed, that will be done in annual round of rule change voting in September 2024.  

March 2024

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