The  plan was reviewed and updated on 28th March.

Provisional National Plans

(which will next be reviewed by the BSCRA Council at the end of March 2021) :-

It is hoped to run a meeting on spring bank holiday weekend  (29-31 May), but this depends on COVID restrictions.

The  postponed 2020 1/32 Nationals is under review.   If this goes ahead it will use the 2020 qualifying process, area qualifying rounds have already been held in late 2019/ early 2020.

2021 1/24 International may run as a on the two day weekend meeting on 24-25 July..

2021 1/32 Nationals to be run as a 3 day event on the 2021 August bank holiday weekend (28-30 Aug).

2021 Clubman Nationals and 2021 National Club Team Championship to be run as two day weekend meeting on 18-19 Sep

If COVID restrictions ease early enough we may have a reserved weekend that can be used for a BOC round.

British Open Championship

The 2020 BOCs will be replaced by 2020/21 Championships with the hosts of cancelled 2020 BOC meeting having first refusal for 2021 rounds

32 BOC - The 2020 Fylde BOC already held and 32 BOCs to be arranged during 2021 will count towards the 2020/21 Championship.

24 BOC - The 2020 Raceway 81 BOC already held, the 2021 1/24 International and 24 BOCs to be arranged during 2021 will count towards the 2020/21 Championship.

At present it is uncertain when BOC meetings can restart, once it is practical Steve Sargent will set the 2021 BOC dates.


Steve Sargent organises the BOC and BSL:
Chris Frost & Ian Fisher organise the Southern 32:
Paul Harwood organises the Pro Am:
Dave Wright (Millstream) organises the British Wing Car Championship
Andy Smith organises the BSCRA 1/32 Vintage and Classics meetings

28/03/2021 - BSCRA meetings clarified
09/03/2021 - V& C Team  event postponed from May to September
05/03/2021 - Mayday meeting date cancelled
25/02/2021 - V&C dates added
03/02/2021 - Easter meeting date cancelled, postponed 2020 Nationals moved to the Mayday reserve date.
08/11/2020 - Dates reserved for 2021 Championship racing added.

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It is possible some of the above information may change.  No liability is accepted for any changes.
This calendar includes some events which are not controlled by BSCRA.

BSCRA Calendar 2021

The following dates have been reserved for racing.

Obviously all events are dependent on the Coronavirus situation.

Dates for BOC and other race series will be added later.

2-4 April


1-3 May


23 May

V&C meeting postponed till September

29-30 May

Reserved for BSCRA Season Opening Meeting

26-27 June

Vintage and Classics Festival

24-25 July

Reserved for BSCRA Championship racing
(provisionally 1/24 Nats / Internats)

28-30 Aug

Reserved for BSCRA Championship racing (provisionally  1/32 Nationals)

5 Sept

Vintage and Classics Team Race

18-19 Sep

Reserved for BSCRA Championship racing
(provisionally Clubman Nats and Club Team Championshp)


Coronavirus impact on BSCRA events

BSCRA Events in Google Calendar Format