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AREA 10  2023 Area Championships

Area 10 rounds to take place at Rockingham on Feb 12th. As usual, 2 rounds on the same day. The winners were Gavin Wills, James Cleave  and Ricky Gowen.   Results on the BSCRA Area Rounds Facebook group | Clubman  |  Saloon   |  F1   |  Sports

James Cleave


AREA 10  2022 Area Championships

Thanks to James Cleave for the results


The 2020 rounds were at Skyline as a joint meeting with Area 6 on January 12th and at Rockingham on March 8th

The 2020 Nationals qualifiers are


The Area rounds for 2017/18 are

Leicester Electricity  December 10th 2017

Rockingham  January 14th 2018

Steve Taylor

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