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Area 3 Championship 2023

Overall championship;

1st - Richard Kettleson

2nd - George Kimber

3rd - Michael Kettleson

Area Championship (From the Area 3 BSCRA Facebook group)

The 2023 area qualifying rounds for the 1/32nd National Championships :-

January 15th 2023: Pontefract

February 12th 2023: Teesside  wins for Richy Kettleson, George Kimber and Mike Kettleson
Results on the BSCRA Area Rounds Facebook group  Intro 32 | Saloon |  F1  |  Sports

March 12th 2023: Raceway 81 wins for Richy Kettleson and  Nick Dodds

Results on the BSCRA Area Rounds Facebook group  Intro 32 | Saloon |  F1  |  Sports

Note; Please visit the BSCRA web site for more information on legal body shells. Also note that all bodyshells must have wheel stickers, numbers and driver detail. All bodyshells must be in a raceable condition, any signs of severe damage I.e. collapsed wings, rips or tears, the competitor will be asked to go and replace the shell. Tech will be done at each event before the start of qualifying.

Best of luck to all competing and look forward to seeing you there.

Regards Richy K (area 3 co-ordinator)

Clubman championship;

1st - Michael Kettleson

2nd - Nick Dodds

3rd - Robert Childe

Area Clubman Championship

AREA 3 Championship 2024

The 2024 Area 3 championship are complete

Overall 1st Richy Kettleson, 2nd Nick Dodds, 3rd George Kimber

Clubman championship 1st Nick Dodds, 2nd Mark Croston, 3rd Paul Wilkie

- full results on the Area 3 Facebook group

With the cancellation of the first round of the championship due to sickness. We are currently working on revised dates for this years championship. The first round will now be Raceway81 on 11th February. We will keep you all posted on dates hopefully working the week.


The area meetings are Pontefract on 14 January : Raceway 81 on 11 February : Teesside on 10 March