The 2023 1/32 Nationals  will be held in 2 parts.
The 1/32nd National Championship events are held at our National Centre in Corby.

1/32 Nationals ( 3 Classes Open to all BSCRA members) and  Clubman Nationals (for INTRO 32 and Clubman Saloon)
29 April - 1 May

Congratulations to the 2023 Champions

James Cleave - all 3 classes,

Graham Woodward - Main Grade Saloon and Sports

James Noake - Main Grade F1
Barry Gilzean  - INTRO 32

Ben Tapp -Clubman saloon

Club Team Championship and Production Challenge   15-16 July
Congratulations to the 2023 Champions
GSR Racing  - National Club Team Champions
Lee Parsons - Production Challenge

Adrian Blakey - - Production Challenge top clubman

Josh Bryant -  F2


Nationals accommodation list    Please remember these events are subject to change, it recommended you consider the cancellation arrangements for any accommodation booking.

1/32   Nationals   2023

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 BSCRA’s National Slot Car Centre at Corby -

The 1/32 Sports GT final in  May 2023