British Slotracing League 2024 Rules


As BSCRA Super Production and Intro 32 regulations at 1st Jan 2024.



1. 2 piece steel chassis as BSCRA 1/24th scale Production Saloon rules are permitted.

2. A 'Hot Wing' may be fitted to the Parma Flexi 1 or 2 in the original position as intended by the manufacturer. The 'Hot Wing' may be soldered into position at the top of the chassis.

3. The Trinity Spyder may use the front loop version, the unlooped version or the short GTP pan.

4. Ballast may be fitted to the top of the chassis only. The ballast may be retained by tape, glue or solder.

5. Tape and/or washers may be used to restrict pan movement. 'Tabs' may be adjusted by bending to restrict pan movement.

6. Metal may not be removed to increase movement. Metal may only be removed from the motor adjustment slots and/or rear bearing holes.

7. The original pan hinge pin may be substituted with a single straight piece of wire of maximum 1.6mm diameter.

8. A maximum of 4 straight body mounting tubes may be fitted provided that they pass through the original holes made by the manufacturer for this purpose. Tubes may be floating or soldered at the ends only. The maximum diameter of the body mount tubing is 2mm outer diameter, not including collars fitted to enable a floating tube. These collars shall be a maximum of 3mm diameter and 3mm length.

9. A 'U' brace with a maximum diameter of 1.6mm may be fitted between the rear bearing uprights. A brace may be fitted between the motor and the chassis. This brace must only be attached to the rear of the motor and the chassis and be a maximum of 1.6mm diameter. The standard supply JK motor plate brace may alternatively be used or  the motor brace/plate may be substituted with a piece of tubing with maximum diameter of 3mm and length of 10mm soldered to the rear of the motor/chassis. This tube must be horizontal along its axis.

10. The front axle shall be a straight piece of wire, maximum diameter 1.6mm, passing through the original holes provided by the manufacturer. Alternatively 2 separate pieces of wire of not more than 1.6mm wire may be used positioned through the original holes and attached to the chassis only by the front wheel uprights & may not be extended as a means of reinforcing the chassis base or to affect movement in the chassis.

11. Front wheels shall be a minimum 12.5mm diameter, mounted through their axis and within 6mm of the outside edge of the chassis at an angle of 90 degrees to the track surface. The loss of or repositioning of front wheels accidentally during racing is not an infringement.

11A. As an alternative to point 10 & 11, stick on front wheels which comply with the BSCRA 1/24th Sports Car rules may be used instead.

12. Rear tyres shall be a maximum of 21mm width. Note: This is the tyre width NOT tread.

13. Gear guards are not permitted unless provided by the manufacturer as part of the original pressing.


1. Any standard closed cockpit Sports GT bodyshell commercially available in the UK is permitted.

2. Bodies must be painted to be opaque with 2 racing numbers plainly visible on the track. Windows must be clear as on the prototype and headlights must be marked or clear. A painted driver with a minimum of head, arms and steering wheel is required. No part of the chassis may be visible when viewed from above or through the windows.

3. The maximum height of the rear wing is 38mm measured on a recessed block.

4. Bodies may be reinforced with clear plastic and/or tape.

5. Bodies shall be mounted with tape and/or pins or standard supply clips to the chassis.

Rear Axle

1. The rear axle may be any diameter or material – hollow axles are permitted.

2. Multiple component rear axle bearings are not permitted.

3. There is no minimum rear axle height but gears must not protrude below the chassis.


BSCRA 1/32nd scale Intro Production motor rules as of  1st January 2023 apply to this class.


1. The overall width of the car must not exceed 83mm.

2. Other car components not specified above i.e. guide, gears & lead wire are a free choice.


If a new variant of Falcon/Hawk Retro and Hawk 7 motor becomes available a timescale for its introduction must be agreed between the supplier and series organiser before it can be used on the series.


For all cars the following can be expected to be checked:-  Rear wing height, rear width, motor for proper tag, motor for no can/magnet cut out, chassis for compliance with modification rules, bracing & lead ballast.

For 1/32nd cars the following may also be checked before each race: Rear wing height & rear width. Failed cars to be corrected during 1 minute warm up time.


1. Meetings will be held as one day events with the aim of 5.00pm race finish time. Home drivers are allowed to compete. Visitor practice for both classes will be from 8.30am until 9.45am followed by 15 minutes for home drivers then racing. A further open practice session of 30 minutes will be run for 1/24th cars after 1/32nd racing.

2. 1/32nd Production will be run for individual racers with at least 3 heats of 3 minutes for all and when the entry is no more than 5 times the number of lanes on the track a 4th heat may be run at the discretion of the host club. Best single heat score to count for qualifying order except when 4 heats are run when best 2 out of 4 heat scores will count. Best 4, 5, 6 or 8 (depending on number of lanes on track) will run in 5 minute 'A' Final. The next 4, 5, 6 or 8 will run in a 5 minute 'B' Final etc. down the qualifying order. When entry is not an exact multiple of the number of lanes, the number in each final will be made as even as possible with any residue added to the higher final(s) i.e. 22 entries on a 4 lane track – A, B, C & D finals contain 4 drivers, E & F contain 3 each. Finals will be single lane runs on lane choice taken according to heat qualification. Points will be awarded according to position within each final, regardless of laps achieved in other finals. This means last place in 'A' Final will gain more points than anybody in lower finals etc.

Please note there will not be separate finals for super or falcon powered cars.

3. 1/24th  Production will be run for 2 person teams taking equal driving time and all lane runs being counted. There will be a minimum run time of  40 minutes per team and longer if entry size allows.

Team driver names should be registered with the BSL Secretary at the first meeting attended but a replacement for one of the drivers will be allowed at any race. Any grade of drivers may partner each other but please note section 2A of point scoring section below.

4. As far as possible 1/32nd heats will be seeded to reflect overall championship positions. For the 1st 2 rounds last season's final positions should be used.  

For club rounds 1/24th teams will be unseeded with driving order decided by drawing of lots at each meeting.


There will be 4 grades of driver:-

Grade A – BSCRA Premier Grade drivers are automatically Grade A. Additionally drivers finishing in the top 3 of the BSL overall individual championship or being a member of the winning championship team in half or more of a season’s meetings  in the last 2 years will be Grade A.

Grade B – BSCRA Division 1 (Main Grade) drivers are automatically Grade B. Additionally drivers finishing 4th - 6th in the BSL overall individual championship or being a member of the 2nd placed championship team in the last 2 years will be Grade B.

Clubman  -  BSCRA Clubman Grade drivers are automatically BSL Clubman Grade unless graded higher by any of the above.

Newcomer – Drivers with no more than 2 years previous club racing experience at any time before the start of the series & competing in their first 2 years of the BSL series.


With team handicaps being applied again this season just members of the winning team will be moved up a grade for the following 2 seasons.

Grade A drivers from anytime may not drop below Grade B.

The  BSCRA gradings used for the above will be those applicable at 1st Jan 2023.


1. Each class will be run as separate championships.

2.The points system will be:- 1st  50 pts, 2nd  47 pts, 3rd  45 pts, 4th  43 pts, 5th  41 pts, 6th  39pts, 7th  37 pts, 8th  35 pts, 9th  33 pts, 10th  31 pts, 11th  30pts with 1 point reduction per place thereafter (as BSCRA 1/32nd BOC system).

2A. For 1/24th team points the following will also apply. Any grades will be allowed to partner each other but teams containing 2 grade A drivers will be deducted 1 point for each other full point scoring team competing at a round that does not have 2 grade A drivers. Also each team containing a clubman driver will have a point added for each other full point scoring team competing at a round that does not have a clubman driver.

3. Championship positions will be decided by counting the best 4 of 6 rounds.

4. Participating racers must be a member of BSCRA at the time a meeting is held to score points on the series for that meeting.

5. In the event of only 1 team partner being appropriately registered, points will be awarded based on half laps scored.

6. In the event of a driver being without a team partner they may race all segments & points will be awarded based on half laps scored.


An overall 1/32nd points championship will be run including all grades with title awards for overall champion & overall non Grade A Hawk/Falcon. All drivers have the choice of racing a BSCRA Super Production (which includes Hawk/Falcon powered) or Genesis Intro Car. A separate points championship with title awards for Clubman & Newcomer within it will be run for all those using a Genesis Intro 32 car. There will be a title award for overall team champions.


Entry fees will be £7.50 per class for adults and £3.50 for under 16's at all club rounds.

A  20% levy of entry fees collected will be made at each club round to cover Series awards & any other series costs.


The series will be co-ordinated by the league secretary.

The rules have been made as simple as possible for inexperienced racers to follow in the spirit of goodwill and common sense but in the event of a problem, a decision will be made by a meeting of club secretaries from participating clubs in the BSL.

Steve Sargent March 2024

Written by Steve Sargent, web site produced by Chris Frost

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