British Slotracing League 2023

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The British Slotracing League is run to provide a cheap production formula race series. Cars raced are 1/32nd scale Production & Super Production Sports Cars as an individual event and 1/24th scale Production Sports Cars as a 2 person team event. The emphasis is on fun racing and a friendly atmosphere. In particular the aim is to provide the ideal introductory inter-club racing series for newcomers to develop their skills.

Round Venues

There are 6 rounds again with one change of venue. Unfortunately Highland are about to lose their premises so we cannot commit to going there for a round at the moment. We wish them every luck in finding a new clubroom & hope to see them back on the series soon. Fortuitously the Dumfries club is about to open & have agreed to host a round so there will still be a Scottish Tour weekend.

Rule Changes

1.With many clubs having to contend with increased overheads, especially energy costs, entry fees have been increased a little for the 1st time in many years to help them.

2. Not actually a rule change as such but please note as BSCRA have approved the Mid America Gemini chassis for use it can be used in our 1/24th class.


This season's meetings are:-

16th April - Teesside

27th May -  Dumfries

28th May -  Dunfermline

18th Jun  -  Pontefract

30th July -   Castle Raceway  

24th Sep   - Fylde      

BSL 2023 Rules

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