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1/32   Nationals   2019

   The Betta and Classic Saloon Championship Saturday 4 May


This is the first 1/32 Nats on this track, so new lap records will be established in each class.

The racing started with Saloon on Saturday.   The track had been run in with Falcon powered cars on the Friday, but the Group 12 powered saloons drove so differently that there was little advantage for the Friday runners.

Best presented was judged by Mr Betta himself, Ian Fitzpatrick. The winner was Mick Metcalfe.

This year there was a new scrutineering procedure, drivers had to get their cars in by a certain time and those who were late suffered a 10 lap penalty.  A couple of drivers did incur the penalty in this class, everybody was careful to avoid that on the following days.  

The 1 minute qualifying runs saw James Cleave top qualify with a 6.172 second lap ahead of Greg Harwood on 6.247.

The 8 x 3 min segmented heats followed.  Lee Parsons and Ben Woodward lead after the B heat. Perhaps not surprisingly 6 of the A heat drivers topped those times with James Cleave again fastest of all.

The first final was for main grade drivers, led by Richard Mack, Pat Skene and Josh Bryant who finished 9-10-11th overall.

The story of the final was simple, Richard Mack took a 2 lap lead in the first segment and lead throughout. Ron Kiddell and James Noake were initially the closest challengers.  Once Josh Bryant got off red lane he pretty much matched Richard’s pace for the rest of the race, which meant he was second ahead of Ron, while James was delayed by car problems.


Full Report to follow

Mick Metcalfe’s  best presented winner

James 1st

Gavin 2nd                                       Lee 3rd

Main Grade Champion

      Richard Mack

Ian judging best presented

The Main Grade finalists
Josh, Steve, Ant, James, Richard Ron, Pat and Mike.

Below Richard’s winning car


Will                     James              Greg         Woody          Gavin        Lee        Ross        Ben


James Cleave led throughout to win by the largest margin of the weekend - 11 laps  Gavin Wills, Lee Parsons and Will Stemman were 2-3-4th for much of the race, and that’s where they finished.  

Below - the winning chassis