1/32   Nationals   2019

  The K Slot F1 Championship  Sunday 5th May

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The main grade and best presented winning car by Mick Metcalfe

2018 Best presented body by Les May

Ross 1st

Will 2nd                                           James 3rd



Mick 1st

Steve 2nd                                           Mike 3rd

Sunday’s racing was for F1

The first winner of the day was Mick Metcalfe again won  best presented.

In qualifying there was a different name at the top - Will Stemman with a 6.245 second lap James Cleave, Ross Grogan and Gavin Wills were in the 6.3s.  James Noake was top main grade qualifier, impressively taking a place in the A heat.

Greg Harwood, Ben Woodward and Richard Mack lead after the B heat.  This time 5 of the A heat made the overall final with James Cleave top ahead of Gavin Wills and Ross Grogan.

With  Richard in the overall final, the top 3 qualifiers for the main grade final were Josh Bryant, James Noake and Mick Metcalfe.

Josh and James were quick at the start of the main grade final, and they were both quickly in gear trouble.  With Richard in the overall final, 9th place main grade driver Mike Davies got a run in the final, and then proceeded to take the lead in the second segment and held it all the way till the final segment when he was on red. Mick Metcalfe and Steve Sargent who had been running 2nd and 3rd for much of the race came through in the final segment to take 1-2 ahead of Mike.  Josh Bryant was the fastest car on the track for quite a lot of the race, he recovered to 4th after his early delays.

Can anybody remember  the last time the same car won both a final and best presented?

Main Grade Final

Josh                James                 Mike           Mick            Pat          Bob        Steve           Vince


Ross Grogan, James Cleave and Richard Mack were closely matched in the first segment but by quarter distance Ross had a clear lead and Will Stemman had moved up to challenge James for second.  Ross extended his lead to 5 laps, to win the F1 title for the second time (the first was in 2010).   In the final laps Ross speeded up, lapping in less than 6.2 sec, which makes you wonder how much he had in reserve should he have needed it.

Will took second ahead of James with Gavin Wills 4th and Ben Woodward just ahead of Greg Harwood for 5th .

Overall Final
Greg         Ross        James       Lee     Ben     Richard  Gavin  Will

The winning car

P.S.    It wasn’t all slot cars at the Nats!   

Thanks to Christine Clements for the photo