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28 December - Full results from Area 10 CMG  meeting

17 December - New CMG track photos

16 December - Southern 32 South Downs - wins for Brian Saunders (Super Prod), Ant Hawkes (Falcon Masters), Cliff Bicknell (Falcon Clubman) and Impunity - Ian Barker & Vince Lee - (Le Mans 32 Team Race)  
Dave Harvey wins South Downs Challenge and Derek Cooper Memorial Trophy
Southern 32 Championships to Brian Saunders, Murray Tucker, Cliff Bicknell
, Impunity  and North London SME

13 December - Area 6 - Luton wins for Stan Alton and Mark Harwood

10 December - Area 2  - Fylde wins for Paul Shepherd and Brendan Bremner

9 December - Area Rounds   
Area 1/3 Ecurie Barnton,  Area 1 wins for Keith Charles, Pat Skene, Alan Lucas  and Murray Wallace : Area 3 wins for Graeme Stephenson, Dave Lees and Peter Farthing
Area 10 CMG wins for James Cleave and Gavin Wills

3 December - Pontefract BOC wins for Stephen Siddall, Chris Thomas and Paul Shepherd.
James Cleave is 1/32 BOC champion, Murray Tucker is main grade champion

2 December  - 2014 BSCRA Handbook  - including the rule changes that apply from 1st January 2014

28 November  - BSL Finals - Report, photos, final championship tables

25 November - Raceway 81 Falcon Pro wins for Richie Kettleson and Dave Lees

19 November - Area 6 North London wins for Ian Fisher and the Harwoods

18 November - Rockingham 1/24 BOC - John Gooding Eurosport win heads great results for younger drivers.   James Cleave wins two classes.
                  James is champion, Pat Skene is Main Grade champion.    

14 November - Area 8 Coulsdon wins for Brian Saunders, Vince Lee and Ian Barker

11 November - BSL Finals - Paul Shepherd wins the 1/32nd Production Series with Murray Wallace Top Falcon, David Sargent Grade B, Dave Wood Grade C, Callum Wood Clubman & Dave Gatten Best Newcomer.

4 November - Luton Southern 32 - wins for James Cleave (Super Prod), Chris Frost (Falcon Masters), Richard Hills (Falcon Clubman) and Luton SCC - James Cleave & Stan Alton - (Le Mans 32 Team Race)  28 October - Leicester BOC - wins for James Cleave (Saloon and Formula 1), Gavin Wills (Sports). James takes Victor Lodorum and Murray Tucker Main Grade with Chris Clements Top Junior.  Full results and report to follow

21 October -   Castle Raceway BSL wins for Paul Shepherd (overall),  Brendan Bremner (Clubman & top falcon), Dave Gatten (top newcomer), 37 Stone - Martin Ellis & Brendan Bremner (team).

13 October - ISRA World Championships won by Matti Fyhr (24 Eurosport and 32 F1) , Vladimir Horky (32 Eurosport), Michael Landrud & Nikolay Dolzhanskiy (Prod. Team)1

8 October - Ipswich Southern 32 wins for Paul Harwood (Super Prod), Dan Gargas (Falcon Masters), Cliff Bicknnell (Falcon Clubman) , Paul Harwood  & Paul Austin - (Le Mans 32 Team Race)        

7 October - North London Falcon Pro wins for Ian Fisher, Martin Ellis and Greg Harwood

29 September - 2014 BSCRA Calendar

25 September - Richard Hills is the new BSCRA Area 6 Coordinator

22 September - Luton SCC are National Club Team Champions

21 September - BSCRA Production Challenge wins for James Cleave (Super Production)  and Paul Shepherd (Formula 2)

18 September - BSCRA Council Meeting Minutes14 September - Ken Wallis  the passing of a pioneer of slot racing

10 September - Blackpool BSL wins for Paul Shepherd (Individual),Brendan Bremner (top Falcon, novice & newcomer). Martin Ellis & Brendan Bremner as 37 Stone (team race).  

9 September - Timaru Southern 32 wins for Brian Saunders (Super Prod), Stan Kirk (Falcon Masters), Bill Jenner (Falcon Clubman) and B Slotcar - Brian Saunders & Mike Croft - (Le Mans 32 Team Race)

7 September - Fylde BSL wins for Paul Shepherd, Barry James (top Falcon), Chris Morton (top Novice) , Dave Gatten (top Newcomer) Fylde 1, David & Steve Sargent (team).

3 September - Graeme Stephenson is the new BSCRA PRO

24-28 August - 1/24 Nationals wins for Ian Barker, Antonin Vojtik and James Cleave

18 August - Ronnie Spencer

12 August - Leicester Southern 32 Wins for Christopher Aldridge (overall), Trev Tennant (Clubman Falcon),  Mike Davies (Falcon Masters) BSlotcar - Brian Saunders and Mike Davies (Le Mans 32).    -    Southern 32 Championships

12 August - Blackpool Falcon Pro - wins for Martin Ellis and Paul Shepherd

11 August - Clarification of BOC points

5 August - Netley Classic - race wins for Mick Langridge, Mick Kerr and Mike Thomson, Bill Charters wins concours

30 July - Blackpool BOC  - James Cleave wins all 3, Main Grade wins for Christopher Aldridge and Graham Thomas.  30 July - Blackpool BOC  - James Cleave wins all 3, Main Grade wins for Christopher Aldridge and Graham Thomas.  

24 July - Highland BSL full results and championship

22 July - Netley Southern 32 - wins for Brian Saunders (Super Prod) Murray Tucker (Falcon Masters), Dan Garges (Clubman Falcon) and Luton SCC -  Stan Alton and Nick Thrower (Le Mans 32)

18 July - Message from Keith Gibson, the new BSCRA chairman

15 July - Highland BSL wins for Murray Wallace, David Sargent, Keith Charles and a team race double for Murray and Richard Wallace

14 July - Derek Cooper  The passing of a champion slot racer

10 July - Keith Gibson is the new BSCRA Chairman                        Nominations for BSCRA PRO invited

29 June / 1 July - Pinewood 1/24 BOC  - wins for James Cleave and Lee Parsons.

21 June - SLOT - new magazine  on the newsstands now

18 June - Pontefract BSL - wins for  Paul Shepherd (individual) Barry James (top falcon) Chris Rigby (top newcomer) & Team Pontypool - Martin Ellis & Peter Farthing (team).

17 June - Bournemouth Southern 32 - wins for Simon Francis (Super Prod) Murray Tucker (Falcon Masters), Dave Hammond (Clubman Falcon) and S&S -  Simon and Scott Francis (Le Mans 32)

11 June - Murray Tucker joins the BSCRA Competitions Rules Committee

10 June - Dudley BOC - James Cleave wins all 3, Main Grade wins for Christopher and Chris Aldridge.

5  June - Rockingham Falcon Pro wins for James Cleave and Stan Alton

20 May -  Southern 32 Roedale - wins for Ian Barker (Super Prod) Murray Tucker (Falcon Masters), Robin Cornwall (Clubman Falcon) and B Slotcar -  Brian Saunders and Mike Crofts (Le Mans 32)

13-16 May - Nationals report and photos Congratulations to the new champions  James Cleave, Ben Woodward, Christopher Aldridge, Gordon Dickson, Stepphen Siddall and Ian Fisher     

30 April - UKRRA at North London - race report on the retro meeting

30 April - Unfortunately the “Not the Nats” event planned for the 12th May has had to be cancelled due to lack of entries.  Appologies to those who had entered and thanks to Trev Crout for his offer of sponsorship.

30 April - BSL 2013 - all the details of this year’s BSL

22 April - Coulsdon Southern 32 - wins for Brian Saunders (Super Prod) Murray Tucker (Falcon Masters), Alan Furguson (Clubman Falcon) and B Slotcar -  Brian Saunders and Mike Crofts (Le Mans 32)

16 April - Raceway 81 BOC - James Cleeve wins  Saloon and Open Group 12: Gavin Wills wins Eurosport.
Gavin leads the Championship

16 April - New World Record for 1/32 hard bodied slot cars - 269.46 miles in 24 hours set in Fenton, Michigan.

8 April - Pontefract Falcon Pro wins for Paul Shepherd and Graeme Stephenson.

3 April - Sweden Open - Full Results

2 April - Nationals web site

2 April - Annual Council Meeting Minutes

31 March - Southern 32 Finals - details of the 2 day event at South Downs raceway

25 March - Dowty BOC - wins for Paul Shepherd and Brain Saunders, Murray Tucker top in main grade

21 March - Nationals qualifiers from Area 3 and Area 6

18 March - Rockingham Southern 32 wins for Gavin Wills and Chris Clements (both Falcons) who won the Le Mans 32 as the Rockingham SCC team.12 March - Area 5 news - Ponte wins for Charlie Gooding (Saloon), Chris Thomas  (F1) and John Gooding  (Sports)
Charlie Gooding is the area champion

11 March - Area news - Area 2 Brendan Bremner is production champion, Paul Shepard is champion in the open classes
Area 8 Pinewood wins for Lee Parsons in F1, Brian Saunders wins the 3 other classes.

10 March - Lee Parsons is the new BSCRA Development Officer

7 March - Graham Woodward is the new BSCRA Competitions Secretary

4 March - Voting on BSCRA rules changes

1 March -  Area 8 news - Brian Saunders, Vince Lee, Ian Barker and Mike Roe win at  Coulsdon

25 Feb - Millstream 1/24 BOC - Gavin Wills wins Eurosport and OG12, Paul Shepherd wins saloon.  Report now online

22 Feb - Competitor info on the “Not the Nats” meeting at South Downs

19 Feb - Bodyshell approvals for 1/32 Betta Aston Martin AMR 1 and  1/24 CAT Lola T333 Eurosport (eligible for racing from 19 March)

18 Feb - North London Southern 32 - wins for Paul Harwood, Murray Tucker (Falcon Masters), Cliff Bicknell (Clubman Falcon), Eces - Dave Harvey and Ian Fisher (Le Mans 32).  

11 Feb - The Nationals - Details of the venue and an accommodation guide for the 1/32 Nats at St Anne’s.

11 Feb - Area 5 Leicester wins for Chris Aldridge (snr.) in Saloon, Mick Davies in Formula 1 and Charlie Gooding in Sports. Christopher Aldridge leads the A5 Championship.  Full results now online.

9 Feb - Dowty Open Meeting - competitor info for the 1/32 BOC meeting to be held on 23/24 March

2 Feb - Proposals for changes to BSCRA rules - final list forvoting

28 Jan - Netley BOC wins for James Cleave and Brian Saunders.
Congratulations to the  2012/13 1/32 BOC Champions  James Cleave and Bob Budge (main grade)

28 Jan - Czech Masters - competitor info

22 Jan - Sweden Open - competitor info

21 Jan - Area 8 Roedale wins for Lee Parsons and Ian Barker

15 Jan - Area 1  & 3 Raceway 81 Graeme Stephenson wins all 3, Alan Lucas and Keith Charles are top Area 1 drivers.
Area 5 Dudley wins for Chris Thomas and Ben Woodward

11 Jan - Italian Masters - competitor info

7 Jan - Area 6 news - Chris Clements, James Cleave and Greg Harwood win at the Luton Area Meeting7 Jan - Area 6 news - Chris Clements, James Cleave and Greg Harwood win at the Luton Area Meeting


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