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31 July - Dudley Falcon Pro wins for Chris Thomas, Graham Thomas, Paul Shepherd and Martin Ellis

16 July - Dudley BSL wins for Chris Thomas, Graham Thomas (top Falcon), Mark Johnstone (Clubman) Damon Ryland (top newcomer). Martin Ellis and Martin Jackson (team).

16 July Netley Southern 32 - wins for Phil Hemsley, Murray Tucker (Falcon Masters), Dan Garges (Clubman) , Ian Fisher and Stan Alton (LM 32 Team race)

12 July - Netley’s new track runs for the first time

4 July - EAHORC Worthing - wins for Andy Whorton (Open Wheel), Clive Harland (Pro- Mod), Craig Homewood (Mod), Paul Whorton (Nascar) and Mike Dadson (LMP1 and Main Grade).

2 July - North London BOC - James Cleave wins all 3

29 June -  Highland 1/24 BOC full results and championship update

26 June - Raceway 81 BSL wins for Paul Shepherd, Andy Brown- Searle (top Falcon) Richie Kettleson (top newcomer, Graeme Stephenson and Andy Brown win the team race. Raceway 81 race report.,       Championship update now on line

25 June -  Bournemouth Southern 32 - Simon Francis wins (with a Falcon), Scott Francis wins Clubman Falcon, Simon and Scott win the team race

25 June - Raceway 81 BSL wins for Paul Shepherd, Andy Brown- Searle (top Falcon) Richie Kettleson (top newcomer, Graeme Stephenson and Andy Brown win the team race.  Full results to follow.

22 June - Czech Masters - Kev Gray’s report

18 June - Highland 1/24 BOC - Graeme Stephenson wins all 3

12 June - EAHORC London wins for Andy Whorton (Open Wheel and LMP1), Martin Hill (Pro- Mod), Paul Rose (Mod), Dave Hannington (Nascar) and Mike Dadson (Main Grade).

6 June - Rockingham’s new clubroom progress
            Netley’s new club track under construction

29 May - Malmo - full results of the North European Championships and ISRA Warm Up 2012

29 May - Pontefract Falcon Pro  - wins for Paul Shepherd and Chris Thomas

28 May - Roedale Southern 32 - wins for Phil Hemsley (super production), Murray Tucker (Falcon Masters), Ben Tapp (Clubman Falcon),  Tony Mills and Dave Harvey (Le Mans 32)

21 May - BSCRA at the UK Slot Car Festival  - hear it on BBC Radio 4 - also see the video

21 May - UKRRA retro championship at North London - race report from Andy Brown

14 May - Wellingborough club move to Corby and become Rockingham Slot Car Club

8 May - The Nationals - Dave Harvey wins F1, James Cleave wins Saloon and Sports; Paul Shepherd wins Victor Lordorum ; main grade wins for Alan Lucas, Nick Thrower and Neil Grogan ; Scott Francis wins production, Mike Roe Inter saloon,

30 April - EAHORC Chatham wins for Andy Whorton (Open Wheel), Andy Player (Pro- Mod), Mike Dadson (LMP1), Al Wood (Mod), Dave Hannington (Nascar) and Jim Easton (Main Grade).

20 April - BSL Fylde wins for Paul Shepherd, Barry James (top Falcon), Peter Donely (top novice) and Brendan Bremner (top newcomer). Paul Shepherd & Gordon Dickson (team race) Blackpool BSL, wins for Martin Ellis Barry James (top Falcon), Oliver Wilson (top novice & newcomer). Martin Ellis and Wayne Hawkins (team) 

17 April - Coulsdon Southern 32 wins for Ian Barker, Murray Tucker (Falcon Masters), Scott Francis (Clubman), Mike Read and Mike Crofts (Team) 

11 April - Keith Gibson elected BSCRA PRO

8 April - BSL 2012 Events and rules

3 April - 1966 Nationals GP winner

2 April - Raceway 81 Falcon Pro - wins for Richie Kettleson, Martin Ellis and Barry James.

2 April - Dowty’s extended track running in their new clubroom

28 March - Netley move to their new clubroom- photo added

27 March - EAHORC Marlborough  - wins for Andy Player (Pro- Mod), Andy Whorton (Open Wheel and LMP1), Paul Homewood (Mod) and Mike Dadson (Main Grade).

26 March - Pinewood BOC - James Cleave wins all 3

20 March  - Area 6 North London - James Cleave wins all 3 and is area champion in all 3

19 March - Wellingborough Southern 32 wins for Gavin Wills (Super prod), Chris Clements (Falcon),  Wellingborough team - Gavin Wills & David Farrow (lm 32)

16 March - Clarification on Scrutineering Procedures,  1/24 Saloon front Wheels and 1/32 Saloon Motor Cans

15 March - Area 8 News , Brain Saunders and Lee Parsons win the championships and the Haydon meeting

10 March - Voting opens for the new BSCRA PRO

5 March - BSCRA Rule Change voting

27 Feb - Luton BOC wind for Greg and Paul Harwood. James Cleave and Stephen Siddall win the championships

27 Feb - Luton BOC wind for Greg and Paul Harwood. James Cleave and Stephen Siddall win the championships

27 Feb Reminder - nominations for BSCRA PRO close on 1 March

23 Feb - Volunteers needed please - to work on the Nats track

21 Feb - 1/32 Saloon front wheel clarification

20 Feb - North London Southern 32 wins for Greg Harwood (Super Prod), Murray Tucker (Falcon Masters), Scott Francis (Clubman), Greg Harwood and Bob Hallums (Team)

17 Feb - Are 6 & 10 Ipswich - Mark Harwood wins all 3

15 Feb - Have Your Say on BSCRA Rule Changes - If you haven’t voted already, please give your votes to your Area Coordinator now!

15 Feb - Area 8 Pinewood wins for Lee Parsons and Ross Grogan

14 Feb - Area 1 - Pat Skene and Alan Lucas are Area champions: Alan Lucas and Neil Grogan win at Barnton

14 Feb - Area 2 - Stonerig wins and Area championships for Paul Sheperd (all 3 open classes) and Peter Donely (Prod)

13 Feb - Area 5  Leicester wins for Charlie Gooding (Saloon & Sports) and Ben Woodward (F1)

13 Feb - EAHORC Ipswich - wins for Craig Homewood (Open Wheel and Pro- Mod), Al Wood (Mod), Dave Hannington (Nascar), Jim Easton (Main Grade), and Andy Whorton (LMP1)

6 Feb - 1/24 BOC - James Cleave and Graeme Stephenson win at Raceway 81  -  Race Report   |    Championship

5  Feb - Latest progress on Dowty’s new clubroom

4 Feb - BSCRA Treasurer and vacancy for BSCRA PRO

2 Feb - BSCRA Rule Changes -  Please give your votes to you Area Coordinator by 14 February

30 Jan - North London Falcon Pro - wins for Greg Harwood, Ian Fisher and Martin Ellis

23 Jan - Pontefract BOC - James Cleave wins all 3, 

17 Jan - Area 6 News - Gavin Wills and James Cleave win at Wellingborough

16 Jan - Dudley Southern 32 wins for Nick Thrower, Graham Thomas (Falcon Masters), Dave Homer (Clubman) Chris & Christopher Aldridge (Team) ............. EAHORC Norwich - wins for Jim Easton (Main Grade), Paul Rose (LMP1), Andy Player (Open Wheel), Craig Homewood (Pro- Mod), Al Wood (Mod) and Dave Hannington (Nascar).

14 Jan - Area 8 news - Ian Barker and Lee Parsons win at Roedale

10 Jan - Area 1 news - Pat Skene and Alan Lucas win at Barnton

9 Jan - Area 2 news - Anthony Jennings, David Sargent and Paul Shepherd win at Fylde           Area 5 news - Christopher Aldridge, Chris Thomas, Graham and Ben Woodward win at Oaklands


23 Dec - Graeme Stephenson is the new BSCRA Area 3 Coordinator

19 Dec - Area 6 - James Cleave and Cliff Bicknell win at Luton 

12 Dec - Proposals for changes to BSCRA rule .   :        Raceway 81 Area 1/3 meeting;Graeme Stephenson wins all 3

10 Dec - Lee Parsons joins BSCRA’s Competition Rules Committee.

9 Dec - EAHORC King's Lynn - wins for Paul Rose (Main Grade), Martin Hill (Open Wheel and Pro- Mod), Andy Whorton (LMP1),  David Hannington (Nascar) and John Ferrigno (Mod)

5 Dec - 1/24 BOC - Brian Saunders is Champion, James Cleave wins all 3 classes at Sharkeys. Full Report now on line

4 Dec - Falcon Pro championship wins for Paul Shepherd and Sandy Parker, Raceway 81 wins for Paul Shepherd and Graeme Stephenson.

3 Dec - Derby 24 hours - new world record for HO cars

 28 Nov - Betta Cruze and Red Fox McLaren body approval
Dowty  move from their clubroom

21 Nov - Dowty BOC wins for Greg Harwood, Chris Thomas and James Cleave

19 Nov - Area 8 news - Brian Saunders wins at Coulsdon

15 Nov - BSL Finals - Congratulations to the meeting winners, Better By The Dave (James Cleave, Graeme Stephenson, Gavin Wills & Andy Brown- Searle), Individual winner Paul Shepherd, Top Open Falcon Keith Charles, Top Clubman Murray Wallace & Top Newcomer Mike Hewlett.

10 Nov - Southern 32 Luton - Wins for James Cleave (Super Prod), Nick Thrower (Falcon Masters), Scott Francis (Clubman Falcon), LSCC James Cleave /Stan Alton (team) 

31 Oct - Barnton BOC wins for Brian Saunders, Paul Shepherd and Lee Parsons 

31 Oct - Rule change proposals invited.

31 Oct - EAHORC Chatham (30/10) - wins for Darren McHarg (Main Grade), Rob Lees (LMP1), Andy Whorton (Open Wheel), Craig Homewood (Pro- Mod), Paul Homewood (Mod), and Robin Cornwall (Nascar)

23 Oct - Blackpool BSL - wins for Paul Shepherd (individual), Chris Thomas (Open Falcon), Peter Donely (Novice Falcon), Oliver Wilson (top Newcomer), Hot Shots,- Martin Ellis & Chris Green (team race), BSCC2 - Paul & Anthony Jennings (team on handicap). Full results now online

23 Oct - Clubnews - October Cotswold Challenge win for Dave Coward.

18 Oct - Wellingborough Southern 32 - wins for James Cleave (super prod), Scott Francis (both falcons),  Eces - Ian Fisher and Nick Thrower (team)    Full report now online

9 Oct - ISRA World Championships Brazil - Paolo Trigilio wins all 3 individual titles plus the team race with  Michael Landrud.  

7 Oct - EAHORC Marlborough - wins for Rob Lees (LMP1), John Ferrigno (Open Wheel), Jon Cryer (Pro- Mod and Main Grade), Paul Homewood (Mod), and David Hannington (Nascar)

3 Oct - Raceway 81 October Fest - wins for Graeme Stepehson and Les Bailey

29 Sept - North London Falcon Pro - 3 wins for Greg Harwood, John Ovens wins 1/32 Production.

23 Sept - Timaru Southern 32 - wins for Ian Barker, Peter Shaw (Falcon Masters), Stan Kirk (Clubman Falcon), Ian Barker and Mike Read (Team)

22 Sept - Clubnews - Cotswold Challenge 

19 Sept - 2012 Calendar - clubs invited to apply for BOC rounds 

19 Sept - Pontefract BSL Wins for Paul Shepherd, Barry James (Open Falcon), Chris Morton (Clubman Falcon). Graham & Chris Thomas (team race overall) , Geoff Snaith & Chris Morton  win on handicap.

12 Sept - Gaydon race report - National Club Team Championship to Luton:  Production Challenge wins for Greg Harwood (both classes) , Sam Thrower (main grade super prod) and Scott Francis (top clubman in both classes) 

9 Sept - EAHORC Yelling - wins for Andy Whorton (F1 and LMP1), Paul Homewood (Mod), David Hannington (Nascar), Mike Dadson (Main Grade 

30 Aug - 1/24 Nats wins for Ross Grogan, James Cleave and Antonin Vojtik

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