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2012     21 Dec - Driver Ranking list update

17 Dec - 1967 Nationals Track - the way we used to race!

10 Dec - Area 1 Ecurie Barnton wins for Keith Charles, Alan Lucas and Pat Skene

5 Dec - Proposals for changes to BSCRA rules

3 Dec - Leicester BOC - Wins for Greg Harwood in Saloon and Eurosport. Gavin Wills takes Formula 1. Brian Saunders takes Victor Lodorum. Championship still alive with Netley to come.

27 Nov - BSL Finals - Team wins for BSCC1 - Martin Ellis, Paul Shepherd, Gordon Dickson, Brendan Bremner & Peter Donely (1/24th club Enduro) : OddBods - Richard & Murray Wallace & Chas Keeling (top falcon):  ‘Team' - Martin Ellis & Richy Kettleson (2 person 1/24th team race)
Individuals - Paul Shepherd (1/32nd Production): Murray Wallace (top Falcon).
Series title winners are Paul Shepherd, Barry James, Dave Wood and the BSCC2 team of Steve Siddall & Brendan Bremner.

19 Nov - Rockingham 1/24 BOC - James Cleave wins all 3 and is 1/24 British Open Champion.   Richy Kettleson is the Main Grade Champion

19 Nov - New World record for HO slot cars set at Derby  
- 285.30 miles in 24 hours

14 Nov - Area 8 news - Brian Saunders and Lee Parsons win at Haydon

13 Nov - New shells eligible for BSCRA racing - 1/24 Betta & TWP BMW DTM, Betta Lola Aston Martin and 1/32 CAT Audi R18

12 Nov - Luton Southern 32 - wins for James Cleave (Super prod); Will Stemman (Falcon Masters); Scott Francis (Clubman Falcon): Luton SCC - James Cleave and Stan Alton.
Southern 32 Champions are Ian Barker, Murray Tucker, Scot Francis, Bournemoth SCC and Impunity

7 Nov - Falcon Pro Pinewood wins for Paul & Greg Harwood, Chris Thomas and Martin Ellis:   Paul, Chris and Martin win the championships.

5 Nov - Ecurie Barnton BOC wins for James Cleave and Brian Saunders   (full results and championship now online)

5 Nov - Request for any proposals for BSCRA rule changes

7-13 Oct - World Champions - Piero Castricone and Guido Santorellialso (Prod team race),  Piero Castricone (F1), Vladimir Horky (32 Eurosport), Matti Fyhr (24 Eursport) report by Kev    

11 Oct - Raceway 81 October Fest report

1 Oct - Timaru Southern 32 wins for Dave Harvey,  Alan Ferguson (Falcon Masters),  Graham Sampson (clubman Falcon),  Ian Barker & Stan Kirk (team race)

24 Sept - Leicester win the National Club Team Championship
Super Production Challenge - Greg Harwood wins: Mike Roe (
main grade) Christopher Aldridge (clubman)
Formula 2 - Paul Shepherd wins: Will Stemman (
main grade) Chris Clements (clubman)

17 Sept - Blackpool Falcon Pro - wins fro Paul Shepherd

13 Sept - Clubnews - New Oakland’s Park track

12 Sept - BSL Championship updated

4 Sept - Barnton BSL - wins for Ian Fisher (Super Production) Keith Charles (top Falcon),  Dave Wood (top clubman),  Keith Charles & Neil Grogan (team race)

3 Sept - Dowty Southern 32 - wins for Ian Barker,  Dave Coward ( Falcon Masters),  Scott Francis (clubman Falcon),  Dave Coward & Phil Mitchell (team race)

29 Aug - Betta BMW M3 DTM  approved for BSCRA 1/32 saloon racing from 29 September

28 Aug - 1/24 Nationals wins for James Cleave, Graeme Stephenson and Dave Harvey.  Main grade wins fro Murray Tucker, Christopher Aldridge and John Gooding.

21 Aug - UKRRA Raceway 81 meeting report

17 Aug - BSCRA Driver Ranking

15 Aug - Fylde BOC - Paul Shepherd wins F1 and Saloon, James Cleave wins Sports (full report and results now on line)

10 Aug - Pontefract BSL - wins for Paul Shepherd, Geoff Snaith (top Falcon), Chris Morton (top Clubman) & Dave Wood (top Newcomer).  Stephen Siddall & Martin Ellis as BSCC2 (team race).  

6 Aug - Leicester Southern 32  Christopher Aldridge wins overall with a Falcon, Ian Corkhill wins clubman Falcon, Gavin Wills and Bob Budge win the team race.

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