The 1/32 BOC is run on club tracks throughout the country - racing on Sundays with Saturday practice available    It is run for 3 classes of 1/32 cars -  Saloon, Grand Prix  and Sports/GT.  

The events are run to 2022 BSCRA rules with the addition of the BOC rules which have been updated for 2022.   As well as the overall championship which is open to everybody including premier grade drivers, there are also a main grade championships.  There is a sub class championship for racers using Intro 32 cars with appropriate class bodies for Saloon & Sports and F2 cars in Grand Prix which will be open to any racers who have never been Premier Grade   There will be a separate trophy for the best performance with brushless cars.     See the rules for more details.

The 2022  rounds
Here’s the provisional list, negotiations are ongoing for a 6
th round in either March or December

29/30 Jan - Fylde

19/20 Mar - Luton

11/12 Jun - Won O Won

 6/7 Aug - Dunfermline

 1/2 Oct - Pontefract

22/23 Oct - Black Country

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1/32 BOC 2022   British Open Championship