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AREA 1 2020
The area rounds :-
Sunday 16 February - Ecurie Barnton, Dunfermile
Sunday 15 March - Highland, Invergordon

Championship Murray Wallace is the 2020 Scottish champion

Please see below the 2 classes we ran on Sunday 16 Feb, plus the championship scores. You'll find that Clubman-grade drivers have a (C) next to their names in the table of championship scores and Tyler has (Jun) to indicate he's a Junior.

Three prizes will be awarded at the end of the Highland round:

The overall winner will get to look after the Scottish Champion trophy for a year.

There will be a trophy for the first Clubman driver in the championship.

There will be a trophy for the first Junior driver in the championship.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Invergordon on Sunday 15th March!

Alan Lucas

Championship Regulations 2020


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