1/24 International - Open Group 12
9/10 July - National Centre, Corby

Open Group 12 qualifying for those who raced in Saloon was on Saturday afternoon, the two Sunday arrivals qualified immediately before Sunday’s race.   The cars are not impounded after Saturday qualifying, there is some more practice / warm up running before Sunday’s race.  Cars can be modified in this period which was particularly handy for the driver whoes motor went up in smoke during Sunday’s warm up.

James Cleave top qualified with a 4.792 second lap, well clear of Gavin Wills and Will Stemman who were the only ones in the 5 zeros.

Chris Aldridge won the D final with 238 laps. Only one driver beat that in the C,   Ron Kiddell with 244 laps. Simon Scott set the clubman winning 226 laps in the C.  Ross Grogan won the B with 263 laps followed by  Richard Mack’s 255, that set the targets for the A finalists!

1/24 BOC  2022   British Open Championship


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Ross 3rd                                           James 1st                        Richy 2nd overall and top main grade

Tech Chart


Set up - (The rules require a C Can)

Arm - (The rules require a Group 12)




Car weight

1 James Cleave

Horky 2019



7:40 72 pitch

BPA Lola


70.2 gm

2 Richy Kettleson

Horky 2021

Cahoza full height magnets, ali endbell

Koford 48 degree 0.518” dia

7:41 72 pitch

BPA Lola

Alpha Prima

67.4 gm

3 Ross Grogan




7:40 72 pitch

BPA Lola


67.7 gm

James Cleave took the lead from Richy Kettleson at the start of the A final , by quarter distance these two were just about on course for the top two places but Ross Grogan’s B final time was looking good for a top 3 finish.   James led the first half of the race. In the fifth segment Richy set the fastest segment and James didn’t have a good run on black lane  so Richly took the lead.  James was back on the lead lap in segment 7 and was quicker in the final segment to win by just over a lap from Richy who was only quarter of a lap ahead of Ross.  A finalist Gavin Will was fourth overall.  Richard Mack’s B final score was good for 5th overall.

Open Group 12
A Final

The A final cars

The winning chassis