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Reports by Chris Frost

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1/24 International - Won O Won Eurosport
10 July - National Centre, Corby

The fastest and final class of the weekend was 1/24 Eurosport.  Thanks to Dave Harvey for the generous Won O Won sponsorship.
The qualifying heats seeded the drivers into 4 finals.  Top qualifier was Ross Grogan with a 4.216 second lap followed by James Cleave 4.262 and Will Stemman 4.382, only these 3 got under 4.5 seconds.
This is the only class with a free choice of motor, there were two brushless cars among the field of conventional strap motors - Bob Budge qualified 10
th on 4.810 seconds and Richard Mack  tied for 11th on 4.831.

The first final was won by David Sargent, his 269 lap run would prove good enough for 8th overall.

The second final was won by Keith Gibson slightly behind David’s score.  Clubman winner Simon Scott scored 259 laps in this final.

In the third final Richard Mack  took the overall lead so far with 274 laps using his brushless car followed by Richy Kettleson on 273 to take the main grade win with his conventional car.   

1/24 BOC  2022   British Open Championship

Tech Chart


Set up





Car weight

1 James Cleave

modified Horky 2016

Voki 24 mags

PK 19 turns  25g 0.300” long

5:39 Cahoza 72 pitch



58.1 gm

2 Ross Grogan

Horky 2019

Voki multi mags

Valiko 19 turns  25g 0.300” long

6:44 80 pitch



59.7 gm

3 Gavin Wills

Horky 2017

Camen 10 mag

PK 19 turns  25g 0.300” long

5:38 72 pitch



60.5 gm

In the top final  James Cleave took the lead in the first segment and led all the way to win by some 9 laps, the largest winning margin of the weekend.  Congratulations to James on winning all 3 classes at the Internats for the 4th time. Ross Grogan’s second place gave him the lead in the British Open Championship, while previous championship leader Will Stemman suffered car trouble in all 3 classes.  A finalists Gavin Wills was third overall, with Steve Sargent 4th and B finalist Richard Mack 5th

The top final

James Cleave’s winning car.  The Horky chassis has been lightened  by removing some of the triangular section  behind the guide. At 58.1 grams this was the second lightest car in the top final.

First James Cleave                               Second Ross Grogan                       Third Gavin Wills

Fourth Steve Sargent                              Fifth Richard Mack                           Top Clubman Simon Scott

Richard Mack’s 5th place car - the best result so far for a brushless car at this level of British racing.  At 56.0 grams this car was lighter than all the strap motored cars in the top final.