Southern 32 - 2024

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Southern 32 Rules 2024

Race Classes

1. 1/32 Production

Individual sprint type racing with BSCRA eligible INTRO32 cars and 1/32 Super Production Cars to BSCRA rules, e.g. JK X32, CMG , Parma International 32, Demon or Eurotoy chassis with Falcon or Hawk R, 7 or 7BB, Super Wasp or Hornet motor.  

Super Production – Open to anyone, any of the above cars.

Hawk Masters - Open to everybody except Premier grade drivers,  The cars must be BSCRA INTRO 32 or 1/32 Falcon/Hawk R/ Hawk 7 / Hawk 7BB powered super production cars

Clubman Hawk Production – Open to anyone in the BSCRA Clubman grade. The cars must be BSCRA INTRO 32 or 1/32 Falcon/Hawk R/ Hawk 7 / Hawk 7BB powered super production cars


2. 1/32 G12 Le Mans

Two person team racing using BSCRA eligible G 12 Saloon chassis but with bodyshells of cars that have raced at Le Mans.   1/32 Production cars will also be accepted for this event, as are cars running Super Wasp.  
There is a “Hawk/Falcon” sub class for  teams running Falcon, Hawk R, Hawk 7 or Hawk 7BB motors.  These motors must remain standard except shortening the shaft and a small notch in the can for axle clearance is permitted. There is a free choice of chassis for this event

In all classes, any changes to BSCRA rules apply to Southern 32 racing and new products become eligible when they are eligible to BSCRA rules. Bodies on the 2016 BSCRA list continue to be eligible for the Southern 32, including those no longer eligible for BSCRA racing in 2017.


The following individual championships will be raced

1  Clubman - open to Clubman grade drivers with BSCRA INTRO 32 or 1/32 Production cars.  Points are scored for finishing positions in the Clubman Final.

2  Hawk Masters - open to  clubman and main grade drivers with BSCRA INTRO 32 or 1/32 Production cars.  Points are scored for finishing positions in the Overall Finals.   ( The highest placed  Hawk Masters runner will receive first place points, and so on)

 Drivers must nominate if they want to run a Hawk in the final after the heats, and only their Hawk times will count towards qualifying for the finals.

3  Super Production - open to  all driver grades  with BSCRA Super Production, INTRO 32 or Production cars.  Points are scored for finishing positions in the Overall Finals.  

Club Championship

Open to  all clubs whose drivers  race in the individual championships.  The best 4 scores in the overall (production/ super production) results to count for each round.  

Drivers will be required to advise which club they belong to at the first round they contest each season.  If a driver changes club part way through the season he should advise the series organisers, providing the organisers are satisfied it is a genuine change of club, the points will start to count for the new club from the date they’ve changed clubs.

Le Mans 32

Open to teams of 2 drivers in a separate race - see Race Format below.

Race Format

1 . Meetings will be one day Sunday events. except for “double header events” where there will be one event on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Home drivers may compete. Practice from 8.00 to 10.15, preference to visiting drivers. Target meeting finish 17.30

2.  1/32 Production will be run for individual racers. Clubman  drivers may race both ‘Overall’ and ‘Hawk ’ cars but will not get additional heats.

Normally at least 3 heats of 3 minutes each. Best single run to count for qualifying order. Top 4 in 'A' final, next 4 in 'B'final etc. Numbers will be adjusted to suit number of lanes.  Everyone will be in a final, on one lane. Finals duration is at the organisers discretion,  either 3, 4 or 5 minutes are normal. Points will be awarded on position in each final regardless of laps in other finals. Last in 'B' final is 8 th, first in 'C' final is 9th etc. Clubman grade drivers’ best ‘Hawk / Falcon’ scores will count for separate ‘Hawk / Falcon’ finals as above.  However, alternatives to suit the track’s race control system may be used where the normal format isn’t practical.

3.  1/32 Le Mans will be run for 2 person teams.     The running time target is 1 hour but this may be reduced to give a reasonable finishing time if there’s a large entry. Teams will run equal time on each lane and must drive equal times each driver. Driver  changes only at lane changes. A Parc Ferme system will apply with no car maintenance during lane changes or when the car is in Parc Ferme during ‘sit-outs’.

Team names and the two ‘core’ drivers must be registered on first appearance.  A replacement for one driver will be allowed at any race including the team’s first one.  Teams with two BSCRA Premier grade driver don’t score points.

If there is an odd number of drivers wanting to contest LM32 on a particular day, one driver is permitted to race in two teams and both teams will score points in the normal way.  The driver must be eligible to race with each other driver.  Any driver who races in two teams in one S32 round may not do so again in that season's rounds.

Scoring System

1 . Each class will be run as separate championships.

2. The points system will be: 1st – 60pts, 2nd – 57pts, 3rd – 55pts, 4th – 53pts, 5th – 51 pts, 6th – 49 pts, 7th – 47pts, 8th – 45pts, 9th – 43pts, 10th – 41pts, 11th – 40pts then one point less per place lower so up to 50 drivers can score at each meeting.

3. Championship positions will be decided on your best 6  rounds in each class where there are 10 or more rounds, where fewer rounds are held the number of counting rounds will be reduced.  In 2023 there are 8 rounds and your best 5  rounds in each class count.

4. The points in the Le Mans 32 sub class for Hawk/Falcon powered cars will be their points in the Le Mans 32 championship. (E.g. if the top Hawk / Falcon powered car at a meeting is 5th overall in Le Mans 32 it gets points for 5th place).

5.  Ties are decided as follows

Most wins, seconds etc in your counting scores  -  Then if still tied,

Best dropped score, second best dropped score etc. -  Then if still tied,

The number of attendance with a zero score

 If still tied, then it is a tie.

Joining BSCRA is strongly recommended .

Entry Fees

For 2024 the entry fees for club rounds are £15 for both the individual and team events, or £10 for one.  90% to host club, 10% to series trophies fund.  For the National Centre round it will be £20  for both the individual and team events, or £10 for one.

Race Reports

Race reports and photos will be on  this website.

Race for Fun

Since  2002  the series gave lots of people the opportunity to race 1/32 scale cars out of the high pressure hothouse of National events and have some great racing.  Let’s have more of the same, stay cool, help the novices, swap ideas, don’t shout at marshalls and do have a great day out.

For more information please contact Chris Frost -

Southern 32 - The series for you!

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