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SOUTHERN 32 - 2020 and 2021

Four rounds are planned for 2021, see the 2021 Southern 32 web site for more details.   The individual and Le Mans 32 events will have separate 2020 and 2021 championships.   There will be one club championship calculated from both the 2020 and 2021 results.  The trophies for all these championships will be presented at the final 2021 round.

Chris Frost
29 June 2021


-----------4 June 2021 update --------------

Clubs are being consulted about the following ideas for the 2021 Southern 32

Restarting racing

BSCRA has produced a draft calendar for the rest of 2021 which includes four Southern 32 club meeting dates (11 Jul, 15 Aug, 3 Oct & 31 Oct  ).   Also there's the 20th/21st November which Paul Harwood and I have penciled in for a ProAm / Southern 32 double header at the National Centre in Corby ( a similar double header planned for Nov 2020 was one of the cancelled meetings).      It seems fair to offer the 6 clubs whose 2020 rounds were cancelled first refusal for 2021 rounds, however we only have 4 dates but maybe they won't all want rounds anyway (?)

In order to get something running we should start some planning even though we know  there are some difficulties such as not all clubs have set an opening date yet: the clubs who have opened  may have to restrict numbers to remain covid safe:  uncertainty about what the  government might decide we can do after 21 June or some  later date.


A good plan would be to finalize 2020 Championship using the 3 rounds we did hold in 2020 and start again with a 2021 championship which will hopefully have 5 rounds.

Chris Frost
4 June 2021

------------16 September  2020 update --------------

The remaining 2020 Southern 32 races have been cancelled.    I’m sure we are all looking forward to a time when coronavirus no longer rules so much of our daily lives, realistically the situation will not have eased sufficiently to restart the Southern 32 until 2021. Unfortunately the 2020 Roedale, Coulsdon, Luton, Won O Won, Timaru, Netley and National Centre rounds had to be cancelled.  I think it’s only reasonable to give those clubs first refusal for rounds when the series restarts.

Chris Frost
16 September 2020

------------20 March update --------------

In the few days after the successful Millstream round on 15th March, Government regulations and advice concerning coronavirus changed substantially, so some thought has been given to plans for the remainder of the season’s Southern 32 events.

We have no choice but to cancel  Southern 32 meetings for as long as current conditions (or even more serious restriction on daily life ) persist.      Nobody knows how long that will be, but eventually when the Government  tells us "non-essential social gatherings" can restart I'm sure we'll all be keen to get racing again.   We can be sure the lifting of Government restrictions will be very well publicised. When that happens I'll be in touch with the next host club on the  calendar to see if it's practical to run their round. If it's a goer I’ll spread the word as quickly as possible.

Southern 32 rounds depend on our host clubs, and if for whatever reason the host club is closed  obviously there's no Southern 32 meeting.  After Monday's Government announcement many clubs decided to close until further notice.  Roedale is one of the clubs that is closed,  they were scheduled to hold the next S32 round which at the time of writing is around 10 weeks away on 31st May.

So in summary

Chris Frost
20 March 2020

The original Southern 32 schedule

19-Jan-20 North London

16-Feb-20 Bournemouth

15-Mar-20 Millstream

26-Apr-20  Date on the original schedule not used

31-May-20 Roedale

21-Jun-20 Coulsdon

19-Jul-20 Luton

16-Aug-20 Won O Won

13-Sep-20 Timaru

18-Oct-20 Netley

29-Nov-20 National Centre, Corby

* The Nats track round is a joint meeting with the ProAm series, the ProAm final round is on the Saturday and the Southern 32 is on the Sunday.     


The 2020 BSCRA rule changes will apply, the main difference is allowing the JK Hawk 7 in all the “Falcon classes”    The only change for 2020 is the percentage of the takings going to the host club.