1/32   Nationals   2022

F1    1 May

Sunday was F1 racing day.
Ian Fitzpatick judged best presented body, the winner was Aston Offer’s Mercedes.

The qualifying runs saw James Cleave top with a 6.219 second lap, not quite as quick as his record lap set last year.   Top main grade drivers were James Noake and Gordon Dickson, both quick enough for the top heat.
 The 34 racers were seeded into 4 heats, the  first 2 heats being run for 9 drivers ( 8 lanes plus a sitout) and the top 2 heats were simple 8 x 3 minute segmented race.  Will Stemman was quickest in the heats on 218 laps followed by Ross Grogan and James Cleave.
Either brushless or brush motors can be used in the F1 class.   Richard Mack took 16
th overall, Bob Budge took 27th overall and 7th  place in the main grade final with their brushless powered cars, everybody else used conventional brushed strap motors.

                                                                        Main Grade Final
Vince Lee                          James Noake          Bob Budge            Gordon Dixon          Pat Skene       Ant Hawkes      Michael Ovens   Pete Clarkson

James Noake and Gordon Dickson having qualified for the A heat it was no surprise to see them in the top two spots for the main grade final.   James led up till the all important final segment when Gordon took the lead and won the main grade title for the second time - his first was in 2013.  Vince Lee took third ahead of Pete Clarkson and Michael Ovens.

Overall Final
artin Ellis       James Cleave    David Sargent  Josh Bryant  Gavin Wills  Chris Thomas  Will Stemman Ross Grogan

Car weights (grams) weighed after the heats

    72.3               77.3                 69.8               76.7              76.2                  78.3               75.3                72.7

Will Stemman took an early lead in the final, followed by Josh Bryant and Ross Grogan.  James Cleave was 7th in the early running. After 3 segments Ross and Chris Thomas had displaced Josh to 4th.  Will extended his lead to 2 laps from Ross at half distance. James recovered to third after 5 segments.  At the end Will extended his lead from Ross to 3 laps to take a very emotional win while James closed to within a lap of Ross.   

Full F1 results

Will’s winning car

It has a Castricone chassis  
The motor was built by Dave Harvey. The Cahoza single mag set up with a Koford 45 turns of 29 gauge 28 degree 0.250” length armature
Gears -  5 t Cahoza pinion and a 30 t S&K crown.
Rear tyres - Red Fox on S&K 9.5mm hubs.
Body - Kolhoza Mercedes
SCD super thin braids.

The writing on the chassis is mainly about the controller settings. (No I haven’t got an explanation of exactly what it all means!)

Will used the same tyres in the  heats and the  final.  He started  the heats with 0.8mm clearance and wore down to about 0.7mm in the 8x3min running, then to 0.3mm in the 8x4min final. Obviously the extra 1 minute in each final segment doesn’t account for that much extra tyre wear.  Both Will and second place Ross observed they were pushing much harder in the final, Ross was sure that was the reason for the much higher tyre wear.  

Champion Will Stemman

3rd James Cleave    2nd Ross Grogan

Main Grade winner Gordon Dickson

2nd James Noake      3rd Vince Lee

Report and photos by Chris Frost

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