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AREA 8 - 2023

Area 8 have their first round this coming weekend (11th December 2022) at Coulsdon. Folowed by Roedale on the 8th January 2023, Haydon on the 12th February 2023, and Pinewood on the 12th March 2023, which is most probably combined with Area 6!


Saloon Championship (the drivers taking the Area Nationals places are highlighted in yellow, Josh and Greg have quailfied from the BOC

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8 January 2023

Haydon Results

12th February 2023,


Lots of people (seventeen) came out to race on a chilly Sunday morning at Coulsdon MCRC, by the time it came to leave, large white flakes were falling all around us, and the race was on. Thanks to Mike Read, Nick Lake, Dave Stevenson and all the other Coulsdon members that made the first round of the Area 8 Championship successful.


F1 Championship

Sports Championship