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The first 2019 round was held at Oaklands Park on 15 January

The 2018 Nationals qualifying rounds were January 14th Dudley, February 4th Oaklands, March 11th Leicester.


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Dudley Area Meeting  14 Jan 2018

  Thanks to Kev for the information   More detail on the Leicester club web site  

Leicester Area Round 11th March 2018

Area 5     
Area Round Dates 2020

Round 1 Leicester; 19 January

Round 2 Oaklands 9 February

Round 3 Black Country Raceway 8 March

Please sign up to the Area 5 Facebook page for more details.

To open up Area racing to more people, we will be running Intro32 (with saloon and sports bodies) & F2 sub classes inline with the 2020 BOC rules. If you only want to do one or two classes per day to try the water then please feel free to do so.

This is a fantastic opportunity to race on different tracks without having to travel too far and often are the most enjoyable meetings of the year. There will be plenty of help and advice on offer from more experienced racers if you require it and it will benefit your home club racing!

With BSCRA membership now just £12 per year, there has never been a better time to step up your race schedule.

Mick Metcalfe


Leicester 2020

Saloon                F1                    Sports

Area 5 all wrapped up for another year.

Congratulations to Chris Thomas on securing the overall championship.

3 great meetings with close racing throughout. Introducing falcon classes was a positive which is hoped will encourage a few more new faces:

Mick Mertcalfe

1 Chris Thomas

2 Graham Woodward

3 Mick Metcalfe

4 Graham Thomas

5 Ben Woodward

6 James Noake

7 Brian Bradley

8 Greg Johnstone

9 Ian Howard

10 Chris Aldridge

11 Sandy Parker

12 Ian Corkhill

13 Graham Pritchard

14 Simon Bullen

Area 5 2018-2020