The 6 hour BSCRA ENDURANCE CUP race scheduled for 10th September 2023 has been cancelled.

In its place a  3 hour race as part of the Petit LeMans Series will be held at the National Centre on 10th September 2023


1/32 Endurace Cup rules

What are Laycock Rules?  

Cars :

3.1     Each Team may only use one car during the race.

3.2     Each car shall be a 1/32 scale model of a sports, GT or saloon car that has raced to FIA rules.

3.3     The car must comply with BSCRA car rules.  (NOTE 1)

3.4     The motor, chassis and body of the car may not be changed during the race.

3.5     The following parts may be changed; motor brushes and springs, bearings, gears, wheels, tyres, pick ups, guide flags, axles, lead wire.

There are also rules in relation to the race which will be adhered to and the track which necessitate finding a suitable venue in 2024 for the record attempt.

Full Laycock Rules

Effectively this is a challenge and the initial part of this is to clubs to find a car solution that will race to these rules initially for 6 hours but ultimately for 24 hours hence the early notification.

Full race detail and event planning is still under discussion and will be published in due course but for the time being if clubs could register their interest  please this will help with the planning of the event.

Andy Smith

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