All the 24 hour records  

1/32 - 305.949 miles This was set on 5/6 July 1986 in Southport UK at the ARRA club with a car built by Ian Fisher.

This was set to the "Laycock rules" which were laid down in the 1960s and are more stringent than other rules about what parts of the car can be changed, the  tightness of corners and the minimum bend angles.

Pete Crane’s Race Report originaly published in the October-December 1986 edition of  BSCRA’s “Slot Car News”   Thanks to Dave Stevens for the scan

The North London SME team drivers were (l to r in the photo) Paul Harwood, Alan Lucas,  Ian Fisher, Paul Martin. and Chris James.   

Thanks to Alan for the photo.

Press cutting from the local newspaper

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