24 Hour Race - June 2023

In June 2023 the UK will be hosting the inaugural 1/24th 24 hour World Enduro race at Corby.

Invites have been sent out to seven of the other top slot-racing countries in the World, and the responses received have been very positive.

The event has certain targets

A small team, headed by Graham Woodward has been working on this project for a while, and now is a good time to get it under way.

We Need Your Help!

The success of this event is very much dependent on generating a big enough following on social media, that companies and major media platforms (T.V.) will take an interest, and get involved. We need everyone to help with this by spreading the word and getting people to follow these channels. Pat Skeene and Sam Smith are presently setting up these platforms.

We will be asking for contributions relating to various aspects of slot-racing, not just from this country but from around the world, to showcase the sport and let people see how good it is.

Finally, we will need a lot of help with supporting the event in various ways, including race control and steward teams, press, transportation and catering to name but a few…

The whole team sees this as a real opportunity for the sport going forward. If you want to get involved, contact Graham Woodward or Mark Witham with an outline of how you can help.

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