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National’s qualification requirements for Saloon, F1 and Sports

National qualifying has been reintroduced for the 2020 Nats, where as 2019 was open entry.   Area 7 will decide its 2020 qualifiers in the same way as was used in 2018 (and for many years before).  Places for the 3 main classes (Saloon, F1 and Sports) will be allocated to area 7 drivers based on their overall finishing position in the previous season 1/32 BOC championship, then 1/32 BOC results up to the Nats qualifying date in the 2020 BOC,  then the previous season overall finishing position in the Southern 32 championship then BSCRA Driver Rankings on 1st February.

National’s qualification requirements for INTRO 32 and Clubman Saloon

For 2020 the clubman Nats are open entry, so qualifying is not needed.

Championship  on  1 March 2020

1 Ant Hawkes

2 Simon Francis

3 Chris Frost

4 Alan Clark

5 Ali Dent

6 Mac Miles

7 Mark Witham

8 Mike Davies

9 Phil Hemsley

10 Dick Smith

11 Murray Tucker

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