1/24 International     25/26/27 August

This years International was on the new Mega Monster track that is destined to be the 2019 World Championship track. The track  was used for the first time a week earlier at the 1/32 Clubman Nats, the build team having worked very long days to complete it just in time for that meeting.

It was an excellent weekend’s racing, thanks to everybody - particularly our race controller Kev and a big thank you to Christine and Aneisha for the catering.

After some running in the grip and learning the track on Friday evening, the racing started on Saturday with the production saloon class.   This class allows a wide choice of standard production chassis and saloon bodies, but most of the field used the JK C 43 chassis and Attan Mercedes body.   There was quite a variety of C can group 12 motors used. A few competitors presented non eligible group 12 armatures at scrutineering, all but one chose to change them for eligible arms, but Richard Mack decided to stick with his original arm and not run for championship points.

The 1 minute qualifying runs seeded the heats.  Top qualifier was multiple World champion Paulo Trigilio with a 5.576 second lap followed by James Cleave on 5.632 and Pavel Flaisig on 5.722.   Racers from 3 different countries in the top 3 - a truly international race!

The 8x3 minute races produced lots of close racing. The  B final produced some close racing, with Gavin Wills taking the lead so far on 221 laps.    The A final proved a close race between the top 3 qualifiers, Paulo led going into the final segment, but it was James who came through to win with Paulo second, Pavel third.  Francesco Igneri took fouth overall with Gavin’s B final time taking 5th overall.


1/24 BOC  2018  British Open Championship

The Saloon A Final

James Cleave, Francesco Igneri, Paolo Trigilio, Will Stemman, Pavel Flaisig, Stan Alton,  Martin Hojer, Marco Viola

The winning car : James Cleave with the winning trophy presented by former BSCRA  chairman George Kimber

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Stan Alton top Main grade