1/24 International    27 August
Won O Won Eurosport

The final day is for the fastest class, yes Monday was Eurosport day.   

The 1 minute qualifying runs saw Martin Hojer set the track record at 4.220 seconds followed by  Paulo Trigilio with a 4.291 and  James Cleave on 4.324.

The 8x3 minute races produced lots of close racing. Zuzana Hojerova won the B final from Ross Grogan. The early leader of the A final Richy Kettleson he had the misfortune to have car trouble in the second segment. Paulo Trigilio and Jan Zemlicka were the leaders at quarter distance.  Paulo  established a 2 lap lead by half distance while James Cleave joined Jan on the second place lap. Paulo extended his lead to 4 laps to win, while Jan and James continued their close race for second, Jan ultimately finishing two tenths of a lap ahead. Martin Hojer took 4th ahead of Francesco Igneri with Zuzana 6th from the B final

Thanks to our sponsors K Slotcar and Won O Won.   We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.



1/24 BOC  2018  British Open Championship

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The A Final

Martin Hojer, Paolo Trigilio, James Cleave, Gavin Wills, Jan Zemlicka, Richy Kettleson,  Pavel Flaisig, Francesco Igneri

Paolo Trigilio and his winning car

Steve Sweetman - top clubman grade