1/24 International     26 August

K Slotcar Open Group 12

Sunday’s racing was for Open Group 12 cars.

The best presented body trophy was judged over all 3 clases, the winner was Mick Metcalfe with his Lola.

The 1 minute qualifying runs saw  James Cleave top on 4.893,  from Francesco Igneri on 4.917 and Pavel Flaisig on 4.967.   These were the only 3 under 5 seconds, and again racers from 3 different countries in the top 3.

We then moved to the 8x3 minute races. The  B final was won by Martin Ellis who took the lead so far on 255 laps, some 19 laps ahead of anybody else.    The A final is inevitably full of the cars that can turn the fastest laps, but that’s no guarantee of reliability.  This one was unusual in that the A finalists filled 8 of the 9 top places with  Martin’s B final run taking 7th overall.   Andre Zhbanov led much of the first half of the race, but James Cleave took the lead for the second half  to come home the winner with a comfortable margin on 265 laps.  Then it was very close, Ross Grogan finishing just taking second from Jan Zemlicka both on 257 followed by Andre Zhbanov  and Paolo Trigilio on the same hundredth of lap  256, with Pavel , Martin (from the B final) and Francesco Igneri all on 255.  

That made it two wins for James , that was sufficient to give him an unassailable lead in the British Open Championship to make it 7 BOC titles in a row.


1/24 BOC  2018  British Open Championship

Mr K slotcar Keith Gibson presents the trophies

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The winning car
 The second place car

The A Final

James Cleave, Francesco Igneri, Pavel Flaisig,  Ross Grogan, Andre Zhbanov, Paolo Trigilio, Gavin Wills,  Jan Zemlicka

First James Cleave Cleave

Second Ross Grogan

Third Jan Zemlicka

Top Main Grade Ron Kiddell