Pinewood - XcelR8  K Slotcar Eurosport

Saloon and Open Group 12

1/24 BOC  2022   British Open Championship

The fastest and best supported class was Eurosport, raced on Sunday afternoon.

Again it was Lee who set the fastest qualifying time - 3.673 sec. and the same 5 drivers qualified for the A final - Ross (3.788), Will (3.862), Martin (3.870) and Josh (3.922)

Steve Sweetman won the B final and was the main grade winner with a time that took him to 3rd overall, Pat Skene was second in the B and took 6th overall one place ahead of D final winner Steve Clark.   

Lee won the A final by 17 laps, the most dominant win of the weekend.  Second was hotly contested for much of the race, but by the end  Ross was a clear second, the only other driver to beat Steve’s C final time,  Josh and Will followed while Martin was an early retirement with a broken brush spring.

Lee’s winning car, using a Horky chassis, a motor with a Cahoza 24  magnet set up,  a Valiko 0.485” diameter 0.300 stack armature, 19 turns of 25 gauge. The gearing was 6:45 , 80 pitch. It had Speed Shop tyres.   The body was a BPA BMW.

The trophies were presented by Steve Clark

Steve Sweetman’s car - 3rd overall

This is one of Steve’s own chassis,  Steve Clark took  7th with a similar car

Richard Mack’s 9th place car.  This was the top brushless motored car, the others finishing 12th and 17th.

Lee Parsons Saloon and Eurosport winner

Will Stemman  Open Group 12 winner - joint championship leader

Ross Grogan, two seconds and a third - joint championship leader

Martin Ellis

Third in Open Group 12

Steve Sweetman

Third in Eurosport and double main grade winner

Stan Alton

Main grade saloon winner

Thanks again to everybody for a great weekend

The next championship round is a Raceway 81 in May


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