On Saturday 23rd July 2022 BSCRA are hosting a warm up event for next year's proposed inaugural slot car world endurance championship event at Corby in June.

The purpose of the warm up isn't just for driver selection but for various other things to be looked at, race controllers, stewards, rules etc and to make the event work really does require the membership of the association to get behind it and support the event.

We would really like to see this take off big time.  Hopefully the aim is to generate interest, generate sponsors and generate publicity for the sport which will lead to an upturn in the membership which I'm sure we all want.

The first thing we do have to do though is turn this warm up event into a viable event of its own.

James has assembled three super teams who will be looking to vie for places on the British team to take part in the main event, but we also need a full grid and want Clubs to come up with their own teams to compete in the race.  Who knows, some of those drivers may come into contention...

BUT so as to give the clubs something to race for, if the grid is filled, a significant cup, labelled 'The Endurance Trophy' will be put up for those five other teams to race for.  It'll be a trophy to be awarded annually and it'll be awarded for 1/24th and 1/32nd racing on alternate years (in 2024, a 1/32nd 24 hour race is proposed).

Hopefully getting your club name on the trophy will be something worth doing, much like how it was in the past...

The cars used for the warm up will be OG12 and though exact detail still needs to be worked out, it is likely to be 6-8 hours long, hopefully with darkness running...

Please can you let us know if you intend to put a team in to support this.

Andy Smith


Six-hour race. 45 mins per lane.  Night racing in sections 5&6.

1/24th OG12 cars (no ali endbells).  Hand out rears to be used.

Open to clubs across the country.  Guest drivers permitted.

Doors open 8am.  10:00 qualifying.  10:30 race start.  Estimated finish 5pm.

Entrance fee: £80 per team plus 6 pairs of marked rears at £10 each.  Payment by BACS to BSCRA please.   

This event supports the three teams testing in the warm-up for next year’s proposed world championship.  The race is for the BSCRA Endurance Cup which is planned to be raced for annually in either 1/24th or 1/32nd formats. For this race there are five team slots available to be allocated on first come first served basis.


Two motor setups, allowing one to be serviced while the other is racing.

At least three similar shells including at least one rigged for night-time running.  Cars can run in day light with lights on if preferred.

Lighting must have two forward facing white or yellow lights and two red or orange tail-lights visible from the rear of the car.  Lights must remain illuminated for at least twenty seconds after de-slotting. Cars without working lights will not be allowed to circulate and accumulate laps until the lighting is fixed.   

Random scrutineering checks during track calls and lane changes.  Lane changes are 2 mins.  No work permitted on cars.

One chassis for the race and one kept in Parc-Ferme (guides, lead-wires and bearings fitted) to be used under a 100-lap penalty.

One bench light per team during darkness running – only to be illuminated while servicing the car.

Agreed penalties for specified rule violations will be published prior to the event.

The event is also aimed to test Race Control / Stewarding.  Any volunteers to assist with this will be welcome.

A guide to assist in car preparation for the event will be published soon.

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BSCRA Endurance Cup- 23rd July 2022

Race Report