Coronavirus Announcements

BSCRA Council Meeting – 30 January 2021 – (Zoom meeting)

Those present - Mark Witham  (Chairman & Safeguarding), David Sargent (Treasurer), Graham Woodward (Competitions Secretary),  Kev Gray (Membership Secretary), James Cleave (Development Officer) , Steve Sargent (BOC and Calendar Coordinator), Paul Harwood (PRO), Chris Frost (Secretary & web site)

Nationals Organisation

The pandemic's second wave has got considerably worse since  last autumn when the 2021 Nationals dates were drafted.   It was agreed that the only realistic options was to cancel the Easter  Nationals meeting.      The remaining 2021 dates will be reviewed at a further council meeting at the end of March.  We have already reserved the following dates, of course these will only go ahead if  the pandemic and government restrictions allow.

The postponed 2020 1/32 Nationals to be run as a 3 day event on the 2021 Mayday bank holiday weekend (1-3 May).  

2021 1/24 International to be run as a 3 day on the spring bank holiday weekend   (29-31 May).

2021 Clubman Nationals and 2021 National Club Team Championship to be run on two day weekends 24-25 July and/or 18-19 Sep.

2021 1/32 Nationals to be run as a 3 day event on the 2021August bank holiday weekend (28-30 Aug).   

Group 12 Armatures

The issues with Valiko group 12 armatures have recently been resolved.   A sample of the  USRA approved  Valiko group 12 armatures is in the post to the Comp Sec.  Photos of both eligible and ineligible variants are being obtained and will be on the BSCRA web site as soon as they are ready.

We are considering post race testing of the first 3 group 12 armatures at the Nationals. Existing test methods will require the competitor to com true the arm before the  electrical resistance is measured.  Any arms with a resistance below the expected range will be impounded for further tests.  If destructive testing of the armature is necessary either, (1) If the armature is found to be outside the rules the competitor will be disqualified OR (2) If the armature is found to be within the rules the results will stand and the competitor will be reimbursed with the price of a replacement armature.


Although the Association is not allowed to hold any racing at present, and therefore has no income from race fees,  most of  the normal  costs such as rent on the National Centre still have to be paid.   

Most memberships come up for renewal in the few weeks leading up to February. It was decided that the Membership Sec will write to members about this in mid February.

Possible sources of grants are being investigated.   So far only one possible source had been identified, despite a lot of work in submitting an application it was not successful.


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