New Products  Approved for BSCRA Racing

Photos by   C Frost , G Woodward and M.Hunt

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Cahoza UL Can, part number #232 approved for 1/24 open group 12 class only.

Eligible from 10 January 2016

JK Hawk Retro

Approved for INTRO 32 and 1/32 Production / Super Production from 1st November 2017 but areas and clubs are free to introduce it sooner if they wish.   

There are two slightly different markings

One has  “7R” marked repeatedly  and  “MADE IN CHINA” etched into the can. (Upper left photo)

One has  “R MADE IN CHINA” etched into the can. (Photos lower left an below)



The photo shows  two of the armatures which are already approved for BSCRA racing.

(Guide to motors approved for BSCRA racing)

JK Hawk 7 motor  

Eligible for INTRO 32 and 1/32 Production/ super Production classes  from
1 January 2020

Eligible for 1/32 F2 class  from 1 January 2016

The approved version has “H7 MADE IN CHINA” etched into the can (see photo  below)
Recent ones also have  a row of  “7”  s etched into the can


S&K  Group 12 Armature   Eigible for all BSCRA group 12 racing from 30th July 2020     

S & K

This version of the Valiko Group 12 armature that has been checked  by USRA and found to meet the group 12 specification is eligible for all BSCRA group 12 racing from January 2021  

They have X-12  NOT X12 marked on the sticker


Batches of Valiko armatures previously supplied for the ISRA World Championships in Finland and in Corby have wire that is thicker than the group 12 specification, so are not eligible.  These arms can be identified by the X12 on the sticker.   
Also these ineligible arms generally. have little or no visible gap at the bottom of the windings.


JK Hawk 7 BB

The JK Hawk 7BB is the ball bearing version on the Hawk 7. It is eligible for BSCRA INTRO 32, F2 and 1/32 Super Production racing from 1st January 2022

Gap at bottom of windings