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BSCRA Bodyshell  Policy                                  Updated February 2021


There are BSCRA approved body list for each class.  Only bodies on the BSCRA approved body list for the class are eligible. The Car Standards define the rules competitors and scrutineers need to work with.  This policy gives the additional information from which the BSCRA Competition Rule Committee decide which body shells will be approved.  Body manufacturers may also find this policy useful to indicate what is likely to be approved.   The currently approved bodyshell lists.

132 CARS

1/32 Formula 1

In class 1 the approved body list consists of cars raced in a World Championship Grand Prix since 1st January 1991.

1/32 Sports/GT, INTRO 32, Production, Super Production and Club Team Championship  

For INTRO32, classes 2, 4,4A and 5 the approved body lists consist of cars raced in WEC, ELMS, AMLS, EEC, Grand - Am , Tudor United Sports Car Championship, WeatherTech SportsCar Championship from 2006 onwards and having a rolling 15 year age limit. NOTE the the BSP Audi R8 or R10 are not permitted in INTRO 32

1/32 Saloon

For class 3  the approved body lists consist of closed saloon cars raced in BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), WTCC, DTM  (up to the end of the 2020 DTM season), V8 Supercars ( Aussie V8's), NASCAR ( COT late model cars only), from 2006 onwards and having a rolling 15 year age limit.

1/24 CARS

1/24 Eurosport and Open Group 12

Class 2, 4, For classes 2, 4, 4A, 6 and 7 the approved body lists consist of Sports or Sports racing car which has  raced in the Le Mans 24 hours, American Le Mans Series, SRWC, IMSA GTP or World SportsCar, FIA GT Championship, FIA Group 5, 6 or 7, the World Endurance Championship, Can-Am, Daytona Prototype or Interserie in any year.

1/24 Production Saloon

For class 8 the approved body lists consist of closed saloon cars which has  raced  or rallied in the BTCC (British TCC), DTM  (up to the end of the 2020 DTM season), ITC, Group 1 or 2, or NASCAR or in the World Rally Championship or National Rally Championship in any year.

Also the ISRA approved saloon shell shall be permitted in 1/24th production saloon commencing with the 2015 approved shell.    Pre 2015 ISRA shells, unless approved by the normal BSCRA approval process, are not permitted. ISRA approved GT shells are not eligible for BSCRA saloon  racing.


Bodies are expected to resemble the real car.  This will include the position, proportions and size of the complete car and of details such as cockpit, windows, intakes and outlets, lights, wings, engine detail,  aerodynamic devices and wheel arches.   Moulded in wings are acceptable. It is normally acceptable to depart from scale body dimensions to allow the body to fit the chassis, motors and gears commonly used in the class.

Bodyshells shall be no less representative of the real car than the bodies already approved as of 7th March 2004.  The extent of deviation from scale appearance may be different in each class.  For example 1/24 Eurosport may deviate further from scale appearance than 1/32 Sports/GT.

BSCRA is responsible for judging if bodies submitted for approval are of sufficiently accurate appearance.

When submitting a body for approval, the supplier / manufacturer is responsible for informing BSCRA precisely what full size car it represents and also when and where it has raced.  The submitter is also responsible for giving BSCRA access to photographs and race reports of the real car to support their submission. Body shells shall be submitted using the form provided

In addition to  the accurate appearance requirements, the following dimensional restrictions apply:-


2, 4, 4A,5






1/32 Sports GT / INTRO 32 Prod /team

1/24 Open Group 12

1/24 Eurosport 

Production Saloon

Overall length



no limit




End plate length (see vi)






no limit

Length of top of endplate






no limit

Height of front wheel arch






no limit

Height of roll over bar/ roof/ air box



21.5 (see vii)

25.5 (see vii)

25.5 (see vii)

no limit

NOTE Dimension n is measured to the highest point over the cockpit area. (The roll over bar or roof or air box - which ever is higher.)

Body shells submitted for approval are expected to be designed such that it is possible to use them on a car which meets the Car Standards.   For examples bodyshells where the lowest eligible / available motor will prevent the rear body height rules being met will not be accepted.

BSCRA Product Approval Process -  Body Approval Form   DOWNLOAD THIS FORM (in pdf format)

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