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There have been open meetings just about as long as there have been slot racing clubs.  Indeed clubs held open meetings in the early 1960s prior to the first "Nationals".     Various Championships have been organized over the years, the British Open Championship has been the premier Open Meeting series in the Country since its launch in 1976.  Although this was not strictly speaking organized by ECRA,   early championships were run by the ECRA Competitions Secretary Bill Stevenson to ECRA rules.   Graham Lane took a crucial step in getting the championship going by donating the trophy. The championship was run over a number of rounds on club tracks throughout the country.  A grading system was introduced in 1981, Tony Mills taking the inaugural main grade title.  So far no records have been found of who won the other 1981 and 82 "grade" titles - so if anybody out there knows we'd like to hear from you! *Thanks to Adrian for spotting the mistake in the 1982 result.

1976 Adrian Coppola
1977 Adrian Coppola
1978 Phil Young
1979 Steve Walker
1980 Steve Walker
1981 Steve Walker
1982 Adrian Coppola *

Interest was fading in the early 80s, and there was no championship for a few years.  Enthusiasm was rekindled once ECRA had been re-launched as BSCRA in 1984.  The British Open Championship was re-launched  in the Autumn of  1985.  The first season of these Championships started at ARRA and finished at Vauxhall  in the Autumn of 1986. That first year had 7 rounds, 5 of them at clubs which held rounds of the 2000 BOC. In the first year the National Premier - Main - Novice driver grading system was used, the separate A, B and C grades for BOC were introduced for the 1987 season.   The 1/32 BOC was simply known as the BOC up till 1999, when  the 1/24 British Open Championship (1/24 BOC) was launched.

The  1/32 "BOC" is based on results at the major open meetings, with 3 classes run at each meeting (Saloon, Grand Prix and Sports/GT). The  1/32 BOC is run on club tracks, originally  with 8 rounds, more recently with 6 rounds. As well as the overall champion, there are awards for the best Main Grade and Intermediate Grade drivers. (The BSCRA and BOC grades were later merged.     In the table below " main grade"  includes the BOC grade B champions, and  "Intermediate grade"  includes the BOC grade C champions)  In 2022 a  Restricted class championship was introduced for Intro 32 cars with appropriate class bodies for Saloon & Sports and F2 cars in Grand Prix

1/32 British Open Championship

  OVERALL CHAMPION  Main Grade   Intermediate Grade 
1986 Tim Ryan Adrian Coppola Nigel Thompson
1987 Mark Harrison Monty Yarnell Alan Leese
1988 Mark Harrison Barry Gilzean Alan Dorrell
1989 Mark Harrison Keith Packer Graham Walker
1990 Dave Harvey & Tim Ryan John Wells Richard Cryer
1991 Dave Harvey Steve Sargent Ant Hawkes
1992 Mark Harrison Ant Hawkes Ray Williams
1993 Mark Harrison Mickey Kimber Peter Short
1994 Charlie Gooding Bob Berry Stephen Berry
1995 Mark Harrison Richard Turner James Cleave
1996 James Cleave Keith Gibson Dan Condon
1997 James Cleave Brian Saunders Graham Woodward
1998 Charlie Gooding Graham Woodward Tony Crompton
1999 James Cleave Andy Smith Chris Aston
2000 James Cleave Chris Frost Chas Keeling
2001 James Cleave Chris Frost Jeff Norton
2002/3 James Cleave Mick Langridge Adam Southern
2003/4 Brian Saunders Ian Barker Alan Humphreys
2004/5 James Cleave John Hyde Kev Gray
2005/6 Brian Saunders Dave Coward Kev Gray
2006/7 Brian Saunders Steve Sargent Kev Gray
2007/8 James Cleave Martin Ellis Stephen Siddall
2008/9 James Cleave Steve Sargent Andy Brown-Searle
2009/10 James Cleave Martin Ellis Pete Bowman
2010/11 James Cleave Chris Thomas Ant Hawkes
2011/12 James Cleave Stephen Siddall not presented
2012/13 James Cleave Bob Budge not presented
2013 James Cleave Murray Tucker not presented
2014 James Cleave Chris Aldridge Andy Smith
2015 James Cleave David Sargent Mick Metcalfe
2016 James Cleave Martin Ellis Mick Metcalfe
2017 James Cleave Chris Aldridge  
2018 Gavin Wills Steve Sargent  
2019 Will Stemman Josh Bryant  
2020/21 Not held due to COVID 19


  OVERALL CHAMPION  Main Grade  Clubman Grade Restricted Class Brusless
2022 James Cleave Ant Hawkes Ian Howard David Ensor
2023 Josh Bryant James Noak Barry Gilzean David Ensor Bob Budge



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