Driver Grades and Rankings

Driver Grades for 2022

Below is the list of changes for 2022. All the other drivers stay in the same grade as in 2021.  

Change including the Clubman Nationals on 18 September 2021 are included. There are no more events scheduled for 2021 that could change the drivers’ grades for 2022.

Drivers going up to Premier Grade on 1st January 2022

Aston Offer

2021 Main Grade Champion

Mark Witham

2021 Main Grade Champion

Ron Kiddell

2021 Main Grade Champion

Drivers going from Premier to Masters Grade on 1st January 2022

Graeme Stephenson

2015 National Champion

Drivers going from Clubman to Main Grade on 1st January 2022

David Austin

2021 Nationals results

Tony Mills

2021 INTRO 32 champion

James Cliff

2021 Clubman Saloon champion

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