New Products  Approved for BSCRA Racing

Photos Chris Frost & Pat Skene

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BSCRA Genesis Chassis

Approved for the INTRO 32 class from its introduction for the 2016 season

NOTE The approved chassis has BSCRA Genesis marked on the underside (as shown above).

This is the only chassis approved for INTRO 32

Mossetti Patriot

Mossetti Patriot Striker 2 Piece ALL STEEL 1/24th Production Chassis.    Part number MR 1002

Approved for 1/24 Production from 10 January 2016


JK C 43 Cheetah Aeolos

Approved for 1/24 Production from 6 January 2017

0.8 to 1.2mm diameter piano wire can be used for the sole purpose of joining the chassis parts by passing through the holes intended for that purpose