New Products  Approved for BSCRA Racing

New Bodyshells approved for use in 2020

Eligible from 11 January 2020

1/24 Saloon (full class list)

Attan Tesla

(ISRA approved shell for the 2020 World Championships, so approval is not subject to the normal 1 month’s notice) 


Eligible from 16th January 2020  till the end of 2031

1/32 Sports/GT, INTRO 32, Team, and Super-Production
(full class list)

Mack Gibson 015s LMP2

Photos   Graham Woodward

Body Approvals 2019

Body Approvals 2018

Body Approvals 2015-2017

Body Approvals 2011-2013

NOTE -  For BSCRA racing bodyshells must comply with the rules - for example cutting the surplus plastic from the shell, painting, drivers / interiors, racing numbers etc.  Some of the photos above show shells that need further work to meet all the rules.

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