PRO AM 2018

Round 4 of the Pro Am Cup originally scheduled for  North London will now be held on the same date (23/09/2018) on the brand new ISRA world championship circuit at the National Slot Racing Centre at Corby.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the Pro AM Cup to race on a British circuit built to  world championship standards.

Many thanks to Mark Witham, Paul Harwood, David Sargent and the Worlds Track committee at BSCRA for making this happen

Ian Howard.

-------------------earlier notice ---------------------------

Round 4  was scheduled for  Sunday 19th August 2018 BSCRA’s National Slot Car Centre

Like many people i was disappointed that the extreme weather last weekend forced the cancellation of the Clubman Grade Championships at Corby.

Bob Budge has been trying to find another suitable date but a full slot racing calendar makes that difficult.

To help out I as organiser of the Pro Am Cup have taken the step of cancelling round 4 of the 2018 championship at Corby to free up the date and venue to allow the 2018 Clubman Grade National Championships to take place on that weekend.

I do hope that Pro Am Cup regulars will not be too disappointed.

I felt that the needs of the many should outweigh the needs of the few.


Ian Howard.

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Round 4 - National Slot Racing Centre,Corby    23rd September