Brian Church in 1992
Bob Hallums in 1997

Here’s the only car to have won the the Nats outright with two drivers.

Paul Harwood ‘s photos  show the refurbished car he’s preparing for classic racing in 2021.

Mark Witham recalls Richard Cryer built a ready to run F1 for Brian Church for the 1992 Nationals.  When this car failed scrutineering, Richard swapped it for this F1, later that day Brian won the Nationals with it.

The car was eventualy sold to Bob Hallums and he won the 1997 Nationals with it.  

The car was built originally built by Richard Cryer using a 1 O 1 centre section.   The tech chart published in the May/June 1992 edition of BSCRA’s  Slot Car Racing magazine below shows details of all the F1 finalists’ cars.       Mark Harrison is sure the armature in the winning car was a 26t26g Koford 459, not the 31 turns of 27g shown in the tech chart.   26 gauge is unusually hot for an F1 armature, none of the other finalists have anything thicker than 27g.   It could be that’s why Mark remembers it.

In 1992 both brass/piano wire and steel centre sections were competitive in F1.  The fact that the same car could win the Nats 5 years apart tells us that the rules and technology didn’t change that much in that period.

The restored car in the photo has a different armature, body and gears to the original spec.   Theses of course are items that eventually wear out and need replacing.  

Thanks again to Paul for the photos

Chris Frost

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Tech Chart for the 1992 F1 National final