Here’s Charlie Gooding ‘s photos  of his 1986 Nats winning chassis  taken during refurbishment in 2020.   It takes a 13UO motor which he’d sent away for refurb when the photos were taken.  The chassis was built by Pete Hore. As far as Charlie is aware only 3 of these were built in this manner. This Nats winner, Mark Harrison Nats top qualifier and the one Pete himself raced.

As Charlie says, Pete’s engineering skills were among the very best.

The unusually detailed tech chart from July/September 1986 edition of Slot Car Racing News  gives us the following information.

Charlie Gooding’s car

The motor had 101 soft cobalt magnets, an Infinity 27 turns of 26g arm Bigfoot II brushes, 5 coil brush springs and class 9 bearings.  

The car gears were Mutly 8:39,  it used class 7 rear axle bearings and 101 wheel all round.

The chassis has an 8’6” wheelbase (approx 81mm) , it ran with a Betta Shadow body.   

The whole car weighed 120 gms

Charlie used a 1.2 ohm ECE controller.

Mark Harrison’s car

Mark   top qualified and finished 3rd in the final with his similar Pete Hore chassis.  Mark’s car had an RM640 strap motor with sintered cobalt magnets. and a short stack Infinity 27t26g arm.   The motor was geared 7:36. It weighed in somewhat lighter at 112 grams.  He used a 1.2 ohm Mannhandle controller.


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Here’s the complete 1986 winning car restored by Charlie in 2021

Thanks again to Charlie for the photos

Chris Fros