Here’s a sports car built by the late Steve Walker. This is one of the cars Ken Butterfield bought from  collection Steve Walker’s estate. We are pretty sure this is the 1979 Nationals sports/GT winning car.   

I’ll hand over to Ken to tell the rest of the story.

“This is one of the cars that were auctioned on ebay over several months and seemed to have been missed by many slot car collectors. The lots were all from the attic of the late Steve Walker, by the instruction of his family.

The chassis were not identified in the descriptions and  were unidentified as Nationals winners.

A simple trial fit of the blue 1978 and the black 1979 shells with correct chassis, But the 1979 chassis had been lightly unassembled by Steve to rebuild, Eventually I asked one of his friends  to sort out the boxed components and he was enthusiastic about the whole project...phew.

The effect was amazing and she flies now.

Proving a winning car is pretty impossible, there are always folk at it must be a will state that there will be period replicas of anything to a similar standard...true the possibility is that cars were faked, but I will supply you with period photographs which are pretty positive in sameness ...Also the 79 car has been inspected by Pete Crane and Ant Hawkes after Ron Kiddell worked on the car and drove several laps with it...I am pretty sure that the provenance stands up for the 78 car and 79 car as being genuine, there is also the little fact that the cars were in Steve Walkers  loft and put to public auction by a known expert on Steve and his career...Stan.! “

Thanks to Ken for the photos.

Chris Frost

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