1972 Nationals Sports GT and Team Winner

Tony Condon won the 1972 National sports/GT championship with this Ian Fisher iso fulcrum chassis.

It was one of the two team cars used by North London SME to win the 1972 National Club Team Championship The team event was run on Saturday 25th November in reverse direction on the ECRA A track, and the individuals were held on the Sunday using the same  track but in the forward direction.

The photos were taken in 2007.

Tony Condon takes up the story -

The armature that I used in the individual finals was in fact a Thorpe 26 because Gerry Fitsimmons was adamant that the car wasn,t fast enough down the long straights on the A track. To be honest it didn’t seem to make a lot of difference.  However about a fortnight later we entered the reading open meeting and Ian lent me the car again and after a few laps practice the motor blew up good job the Nats wasn’t 10 laps longer! However ,the old car wasn’t finished as I believe Dick Smith drove it to a close second at the 73 Nats.   Happy days!!!

The chassis , much as you see it  is with Ian Fisher’s collection of Nats winning cars.


The race report gave the following tech details
Body - GT Models Lola T222 body (1972 Nats) :
Ferrari (1973 Nats)
Motor  - Mura C can Blue dot magnets  Long John 26g (Team race)   Tony says a Thorpe 26 was used in the 72 individuals (the tech chart published at the time says it was a Cukras 25g arm, I think that was an error)
Gears - Taylor 8:37

Chris Frost

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