Driver Grades for 2018

Here’s the list of driver grade changes from 1st January 2018.   

Drivers all stay in these grades till 31st December 2018, some may change for 2019.

Error in G Dickson’ s grade corrected 4 Feb 2018

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Up to Premier Grade

Chris Aldridge

2017 1/32 BOC Top 5

Christopher Aldridge

2017 Nationals finalist

Pete Clarkson

2017 Nationals finalist

Keith Packer

2017 Main Grade champion

Sandy Parker

2017 Main Grade champion

Will Stemman

2017 1/24 BOC Top 5

Up to  Main Grade

Simon Francis

2017 INTRO 32 champion

Josh Howley

2017 Clubman saloon champion

Ron Kiddell

2017 Nationals results

From Premier to Main Grade

Chris Clements

Returns to Main - last Nat final 2015

Nick Clements

Returns to Main - last Nat final 2015

Gordon Dickson

Returns to Main - last BOC top 5 in 2015

Vince Lee

Returns to Main - last Nat final 2015

Richard Mack

2016 Main Grade champion returns to main after 1 year

From  Premier to Masters

Ian Barker

1 yr since Nat final: (1 yr ather than 2 because of “silver grade” rule)

Ian Fisher

reverts to masters, no Nats final since 2015

From  Main to Clubman

Charles Hunt

10 yrs since Nats result

(Many others remain in their exiting grade for longer)


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