Sunday’s racing was for the F1 class.

Qualifying was dominated by the same two drivers as saloon, but this time it was Ross Grogan on 5.436 ahead of  James Cleave on 5.535 only just ahead of  2015 champion Chris Thomas was third on 5.544.  Steve Sargent was an excellent 4th on 5.648 ahead of top main grade driver Martin Ellis - 5th overall on 5.728.

The first heat was won by Dave Stevenson on 201, ahead of Steve Mavor on 199.  Keith Charles took the second heat on 210 from Ant Hawkes on 205.  Mark Harwood won the D heat with 216, just 2 laps up on Stan Alton.  Richy Kettleson set an impressive 226 in the C with Alan Lucas second on 220.  The B heat saw David Sargent, Paul Shepherd and Gavin Wills all on 226, David just getting top spot a few feet ahead of Richy.  Chris Thomas won the top heat on 234 with Ross Grogan (234) and James Cleave (233) in close attendance.  They were followed by all the drivers on 226.

1/32   Nationals   2016

Main Grade Final

Pete Clarkson, Chris Aldridge, Neil Grogan, Keith Charles, Richard Mack, Stan Alton, Graham Thomas, Ant Hawkes

Full Results

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Richard Mack’s main grade winner

James Cleave’s overall winner

Richy Kettleson’s best presented winner

Overall Final

Gavin Wills, Chris Thomas, Paul Shepherd, James Cleave, David Sargent, Richy Kettleson, Ross Grogan, Martin Ellis

Main Grade Final

Richard Mack and Keith Charles were the early leaders but by quarter distance Richard was joined by Stan Alton and Graham Thomas on the lead lap.     Richard then dropped to third behind Stan and Graham   At half distance Richard was back in front with  2 laps on Stan and Chris Aldridge  while Graham was in the pits.  The second half of the race was rather more settled with Richard maintaining a 2 lap lead from Stan, while Ant Hawkes challenged Chris for third.

Overall final.

The overall final had no less than 3 main grade drivers David Sargent, Richy Kettlson and Martin Ellis.   

The early leader was Paul Shepherd.  Chris Thomas and James Cleave joined Shep on the lead lap in segment 3. By half way James had a 2 lap lead on Chris with Shep and Gavin Wills a further lap in arrears.   Shep returned to second in the third quarter of the race, only to drop to 5th with a finish on the less popular white and red lanes.   James extended his lead to win by  3 laps from the closely packed bunch of Chris in second, Richy with a late charge to third and Gavin in fourth