Rule Changes for 2024

Membership Voting

There are no rule change proposals for membership voting this year.

Rule Change   - The only change proposal submitted this year is:-

It is proposed to correct an anomaly in the BSCRA track standards rule about track voltage drop on load (rule 5).     The way it's currently written allows both tracks with far too much voltage drop for most BSCRA classes yet it prohibits some tracks that meet international (ISRA) rules and have more than enough power for all BSCRA classes.

It is proposed to replace rule 5 with

"The track voltage shall not drop  more than 1V below the unloaded voltage at any point  when each lane is drawing 4 amps. This is the mandatory minimum, however it is strongly recommended that the voltage  shall not drop more than 1V below the unloaded voltage  when each lane is drawing 10 amps."

The proposed rule is designed so that existing BSCRA club tracks remain eligible, and all tracks that meet ISRA rules are eligible.  
Many existing   BSCRA club tracks have a higher wiring resistance and run at a higher off load voltage than allowed by ISRA rules,  This is not a problem for BSCRA classes, but it does mean  it is not viable to simply adopt the ISRA rule.  
Correcting this anomaly will prevent it becomeing a practical problem.
As the proposal doesn’t require any change to existing tracks, a membership vote is not needed and the decision cn be taken by teh BSCRA Coucil.
The Coucil unamously voted in favour of the proposal.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, August 2023


BSCRA Rule Changes

The proposal received by the 1st July deadline is being reviewed  by the Council and CRC.    If a membership vote is needed, that will be held in September and the decision will be published at the beginning of October.

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, July 2023


Invitation to Propose BSCRA Rule Changes  

BSCRA members are welcome to propose changes to BSCRA rules. The proposal need to be proposed and seconded by current BSCRA members.  All proposals must be received by the BSCRA secretary (Chris Frost ) by 1st July 2023, although we recommend you get any proposals in before the deadline.  

The proposals will then be reviewed by the Competition Rules Committee / Council (in consultation with the proposer).   BSCRA members will then vote on them and the decision will be published at the beginning of October.  Any changes  will come into force on 1st January 2024 unless agreed otherwise.   

Chris Frost
BSCRA Secretary, June 2023

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